Astro Ornaments

While it is waaay to early to start decking the halls, I’m digging these astro ornaments. They’d look pretty good sprinkled in among all of my white ceramics, wouldn’t you agree? I’m thinking year round and not just for the holidays. Although they are flocked, which maybe calls to mind snow…


Arranging a Collection

I’ve shown you how I’ve rearranged my dining room hutch full of white ceramics before, but I hadn’t ever shown my process. So here’s how I do it… I start with the big items first. You can’t shoehorn them in at the end anyway, and if you start with a pleasing arrangement the rest will fall into place.

Obviously I have such a hodgepodge of items that a symmetrical layout isn’t an option for me (though I do love symmetry). I work around that by making sure that the overall layout is visually balanced. For example, see that open lattice-work square in the bottom left? That gets balanced out by the votive holders on the right middle shelf and the scallops of the vintage cake stand on the top left.

I add all the little bits and bobbins that I love at the end. Admittedly they can make the arrangement a little cluttered, so I do edit them down some. Not all of my pieces made it back in, but I tend to rearrange things often so they’ll be back next time.

I love having the built-in hutch to display everything. I wasn’t so sure about it when we moved in, but I’ve since embraced it. I’m still undecided about the beadboard (paint it or leave it natural?), but I’m going to live with it for a while before I choose. It ties in the wood floors and our wood dining set, and the contrast is nice with all of the white. I’ve pinned fabric to the back many times before, so that’s always an option as well. Besides, closing the doors gives the whole thing a bit more polish. Doesn’t everything always look better behind glass?

Autumn Leaves Napkin Rings for BHG

This is the second craft project I’ve made for Better Homes & Gardens this fall (the first was the Halloween mask). I, along with the other three bloggers, was tasked with creating something out of real or fake autumn leaves. And just as last time, you can vote for your favorite at

Wouldn’t these be great for setting the table on Thanksgiving? Here’s how you can make your own.


  • faux fall leaves
  • faux berries on wire stems
  • felt
  • ribbon
  • pinking sheers
  • hot glue gun and glue


  • For each napkin ring, cut a 3″ circle out of felt with pinking sheers. I find it’s easier if you make an outline of the circle with chalk before cutting.
  • Glue a single leaf to the felt circle, leaving 1/2″ of the stem hanging down.
  • Glue a few sprigs of berries to the leaf, wrapping the end of the wires around the leaf stem to strengthen it.
  • Cut a 24″ length of ribbon, and tie it at its center to the stem of the leaf.
  • use the ribbon to wrap around a napkin and tie the ends in a bow.

And remember, you can see the other three projects made with autumn leaves and vote for your favorite at!

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