Basement Bathroom: The Main Pieces

The basement remodel is nearing completion! I think. First on the list to be finished is the half-bath. It’s the smallest room (4’x5.5′) so theoretically it should be the easiest. Theoretically. I’ve mentioned my indecision regarding the bathroom lighting and accessories, but thankfully I do already have the basics chosen.

I wanted something that looked like it belonged in our hundred-year-old bungalow, so I looked to our existing original bathroom for style inspiration. I knew all along that I wanted small white hexagons or octagons, and after shopping for tile I chose octagon and dot (with charcoal gray grout to highlight the pattern). Then I found a pedestal sink from the same period as the original one on the main floor. As charming as our vintage sink is though, I didn’t want separate taps for hot and cold water. I did however stick with cross-handled faucets, and they even say “hot” and “cold” on them just like our original ones do. Awww.

I mentioned on facebook that choosing a toilet is not the whirlwind adventure one might expect. One piece or two? Round or elongated? Even with the myriad of choices it’s just not the most exciting thing, right? Someone commented that I should check the MaP (Maximum Performance) toilet ratings when choosing, so that’s what I did. I went with an American Standard Oakmont Champion. It’s kind of cute. You know, for a toilet.

I think the rest of the bathroom will come together as soon as I choose a paint color. I’m going with a white porcelain light, and I found a toilet paper roll holder that matches the shape of the faucet handle base. There’s a matching towel ring available too, but I’m thinking of going with a cute hook instead (Anthropologie always has a good selection). And for the mirror? Yeah, I still have no clue. I’m liking this vintage style medicine cabinet, but I don’t know if I want to spring for a medicine cabinet when we only really need a mirror.

Thank you, Vintage Tub & Bath, for providing the toilet, sink, and faucet.

Machinist Stool

That’s a nice-looking seat. Adjustable too.

Industry West

Spring Eternal Ring

The ring itself is kind of hippie/bohemian chic, but it’s actually really versatile. I could see it working with a lot of styles.


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