2010 Recap: The Home

Brandon and I have taken on a lot of projects since moving into our home in 2007, and last year was no exception. Here’s what we tackled around the house in 2010.

I rearranged my office. Then I added a new mirror above my desk, and a groovy zigzag rug. Then I neglected to do anything else and haven’t shown you the space since. I shall rectify this in 2011.

The front entryway got a makeover. I later made airy new curtains to let more light in to the space.

We cut a hole in our hundred-year-old door to allow our cats access to the basement. We should have done it sooner.

I put together a comprehensive DIY Painting Tips and Tricks Guide.

The bedroom was redone in greens and grays, and it now features the most awesome chandelier ever.

Who knew a dish rack and a $5 glass bottle could make a kitchen sink so much cuter?

Our roof sprung a leak, so we had to spring for a new roof. We made the most of a bad situation by addressing our second floor’s heating issues and chose a white roof to reflect the sun.

We solved one of our biggest storage dilemmas and organized our stacks of CDs.

I showed you how to make inexpensive custom-sized roller shades for your windows.

I explained why I’m painting the wood trim in my home. Then I took forever but finally finished painting the trim white in the dining room. I still have to paint the ceiling in there, and paint the trim in the living room and my office though.

I also showed you how I arranged my white ceramics collection with step-by-step photos.

I mixed white plates with fun metallic options to show you how to set a holiday table with a several variations.

Pantone’s color of the year totally validated my living room.

We started remodeling our unfinished basement to make room for my studio, along with a laundry room, half-bathroom, play space, and storage area. Finishing the basement will also allow us to turn the current studio into Eleanor’s new bedroom, and then update Eleanor’s nursery for the new baby.

So that’s what was happening around the house in 2010, and I have a lot more in store for 2011! C’mon already basement. I’m ready for you.

How Low Can You Go?

With a bedside table, that is. I’ve been trying to find a cute round one for Eleanor’s new room. I thought the Martini Side Table would be perfect, but then I realized how short it is. Next to the bed, it would look something like this:

Too small, I think. The top of the mattress will be about two feet off the floor and the side table is only 16.5″ tall. Compare that with the 27.5″ tall Jenny Lind Nightstand that Land of Nod pairs with the bed, and it seems downright tiny.

These are in the running:

Pop-Up Storage Bedside Table (27″ tall)
Manchester Media Stand (25″ tall)

I like that I can store books on the shelves below, but I’m still pining for the cute Martini Table. I was also considering the Kartell Componibili (the tallest of which is 23″), but I’m not in love with the colors.

How high/low do you like your bedside table to be? Ours in the bedroom are about 6″ higher than the top of the mattress and that has always seemed like a good height, but I wouldn’t go any higher. The table should probably be at least even with the top of the mattress though, right?


12:45 p.m.
I did a little more Photoshop work. This is how the bed would look with the Pop-Up Table (painted green). Pretty cute.

Laundry Carts

Gorgeous and utilitarian. That’s a good combo.

Restoration Hardware

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