Style: A Drapey Tee

Everything I’m wearing these days has to be nursing-friendly and machine washable, but most of my pre-pregnancy shirts are still a bit too tight and my options are pretty limited. I was feeling kind of schleppy, so I went out shopping the other day to pick up a couple of new tops that would work for me at my current size, and I came home with my new favorite shirt.

Nicole Balch

It has a high/low hem, but it’s subtle enough that it doesn’t feel too trendy, and it drapes just right. There’s also a pretty pleated detail in the back.

Drapey Tailored Tee

I was a little worried about the practicality of a white shirt like this with two little kids around and a baby constantly on my hip; it has a slight texture to it and I thought it might stain easily. Then I spilled coffee on myself within the first hour of wearing the shirt. Because I am a klutz. Happily, the shirt cleaned up nicely!

The necklace and shoes I’m wearing with the top are no longer available, but I found a couple of alternatives and included them below.

Style: A Drapey Tee

  1. Pixie Ankle Pants, Old Navy

  2. Percey Glasses, Warby Parker

  3. Tailored Tee, Madewell

  4. Horn Link Necklace, Anthropologie

  5. Mamuye Leather Bag, FashionABLE

  6. 14K Bezel and Baguette Diamond Band, Zoe Chicco

  7. Gabor Patent Leather Oxford, Nora’s Shoe Shop

  8. The ABLE Scarf, FashionABLE

Upgrading to a Smart Thermostat

This post is sponsored by Honeywell.

I received a Lyric thermostat and compensation in exchange for coverage. All opinions and thoughts about this product are my own.

hr 644

We’re continuing to modernize our Victorian’s heating system. We’ve already replaced the boiler with a more energy-efficient model, and we had thermostatic radiator valves installed on our radiators throughout the second and third floors. Now our latest change has been upgrading to a Lyric thermostat.

Old Thermostat

The house’s existing 1980s model was missing its cover, and I was glad to replace it with something more attractive. This may be a bit dorky, but I actually have a favorite thermostat, design-wise! My grandparents had The Round in their home, and it has always been my standard for what a thermostat should look like. The Lyric draws on the design of The Round, marrying the look with smart new features.

Installing the Lyric Honeywell Thermostat

The Lyric app walks you through the installation, and it’s pretty straightforward. I was all set with the power off, and with my phone and a screwdriver handy. There was some wall damage hidden beneath the old thermostat, so I used the Lyric’s optional backplate to cover it. (When I eventually wallpaper or paint the dining room, I’ll repair the plaster and remove the plate.) I mounted the new thermostat, reattached the wires, and connected to it wirelessly, but then I had to name it. Ack, the pressure! So I named it “Hottie” because, you know… it keeps us warm. Clearly I am not good at naming devices on the fly. (Also, I didn’t realize everyone would see what I named it!)

Lyric Thermostat "Hottie"

Besides an upgrade in appearance, our new thermostat will also help us save money. Weather and humidity are taken into account with its Fine Tune feature, insuring that 70 degrees actually feels like 70 degrees. You can also further adjust the temperature at any time manually or via the app. We’re keeping the house fairly warm during the day because of the baby, but I did program the thermostat to cool the house down by five degrees when everyone is asleep. The kids get up around 6am so I set that as our family’s awake time for the thermostat, but sometimes I’m up with Calvin for couple of hours before everyone else. I love that I can adjust the temperature through the Lyric app on my phone, without leaving my bed.

Lyric Honeywell Thermostat

The Lyric also has a pretty interesting geofencing feature; it can detect when you’re away based on your phone’s location and adjust your home’s temperature to save energy. When you’re back within range (you choose the distance), your heating/cooling system will kick on and the house will be back at your preferred temperature for your arrival. It’s great for us because we don’t have a set schedule from day to day, and sometimes I do some solo traveling for the blog. Geofencing can be configured with multiple users, so it only kicks in when everyone is away. Smart!

The Lyric Honeywell Thermostat, Installed

We’ve made so many changes to the functional elements of our house that improve its comfort and efficiency, but that go unseen. Upgrading to The Lyric addresses those issues, and looks good too.

A Glasses Tray

A Glasses Tray Goes Better With…

I love that glasses tray; I have a similar one, in green, that I picked up years ago from CB2. It’s the perfect spot to rest your specs, and I’ve got my eye on this new pair (half-pink!). Then one must follow the tray’s suggestion and add your keys, right? Make sure to attach a leather tassel or striped key chain for bonus points.

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