Chicago Picks from Chairish

This is so brilliant. Chairish has launched a Chicago City Guide! You don’t have to be in Chicago to shop from these pieces, of course — Chairish will ship them across the country. If you are local though, you can go pick them up and skip the shipping fees. See? Brilliant.

I’ve chosen a dozen of my local favorites to feature below, and I have even more Chairish picks from Chicago in my collection on the site.

Chairish Chicago Faves from Making it Lovely

  1. Eames DCM Style Bentwood & Steel Chairs – A Pair
    Two of these cuties flanking a credenza would be perfect.

  2. Chromcraft Smoked Lucite and Chrome Dinette
    Kinda weird, but in a really good way.

  3. Four Post Gold Leaf Table Lamp
    The rectangular support structure is fantastic, and the shade of top is just the right proportion. So good!

  4. C. Jere Style Brass Faceted Pedestals – Set of 3
    Because I’m sure you need some super shiny brass pedestals, right?

  5. Industrial Desktop Lighting
    The adjusting mechanisms on this look super cool.

  6. C. Jere Brass Double Shade Floor Lamps – A Pair
    So sleek! So mod! Would be perfect juxtaposed with a more traditional tufted chair, tucked away in the corner as a spot for reading.

  7. Black and Gold Distressed Tuxedo Side Table
    Simple in its lines, but with just enough detail to add interest.

  8. Iranian Flateweave Kilim Rug
    Sometimes these rugs are teeny, but this is a decent 8.5″x5.5″ size, and in great colors.

  9. Milo Baughman For Thayer Coggin Button Up Sofa
    Hello, beautiful.

  10. Bassett Faux Bamboo Dresser
    How I wish I had a good spot for this! Ah, but maybe you do?

  11. Starburst Sculpture on Marble Stand
    When you wish upon a star…

Chairish makes it easy to sell and browse from their iPhone app, and I’m loving the addition of City Guides like this one for Chicago. And as always, in addition to the local pickup option, they can help arrange for shipping cross-country with a 48-hour return window. You know, so you can give that table and chairs set a try. Someone’s gotta be into them besides me, right? But if not, there’s always
all of my other favorites to check out.

Negotiating at the Souk

It’s funny how we each have our own tactics. I’m in Marrakesh for a few days right now with friends and we’ve been navigating the souks. Our group speaks English and French, and a lot of the sellers here speak one or the other too (or both), in addition to Arabic, so communication has been easy. Negotiating here is expected — even respected when done well! Sometimes we have a bit more buying power as a group since it’s a larger potential sale, but everyone approaches the deal in their own way.

I’ll share more of my trip to France and Morocco when I’m back home in Chicago and can go through my million photos, but I wanted to write about our experience negotiating here while it was still fresh in my mind.

Rugs in the Marrakech Souk

hr 644

Tactic 1
This is me. It’s pretty apparent (to me, at least) that I have a Midwestern sensibility. Too nice! Too smiley! But I’ll calculate a good, fair price and not move too much from it (all while being very polite). If you want more than one thing, that’s a good bargaining chip. “I’ll take these, but only for this much. Otherwise just one.” I won’t disparage the goods, but rather say something like “I love it, but I can’t. Not unless you can sell it for this much.”

Tactic 2
You want the item, but eh! You can leave it. If you get a good deal you’ll take it. Start low, stay low, hold that hand out to shake for a deal, but keep driving it low until the very last second. Be a bit coy, a bit flirty, but ruthless at the same time.

Tactic 3
Take a simple and straightforward approach. Start way low, and be willing to come up in big jumps between counter-offers. Be kind but somewhat disinterested, and come to a quick agreement. “All right. Can you sell it for this much? That’s as much as I can do.” Done.

Tactic 4
Feign frustration and indifference. Start way low, point out that we can go elsewhere. “I bought some like this earlier today! Everyone has these — I can get a better price.” Be ready to walk away after a lot of time and haggling, even if you really want what you’re trying to get. Be difficult and very much not Midwestern. (It was fascinating for me to watch in action because I could never do it.) When the deal was done with a handshake, the guy said “you’re tough! Like the sellers here!” with a big smile.

hr 644

Pink Rug from Morocco

We’re all far from experts of course, but it’s interesting to see what works and what doesn’t. I had a sinking feeling that I wasn’t as good of a negotiator as I could have been (“damn it, you were too nice!”), but realized in the end that we each came away with about the same deal.

We’re still here for little longer so it may be difficult for me to respond to comments, but I’d love to hear from you. Have you been to the souk before? Any tips and tricks on what worked for you?

Ending Soon

Just a quick reminder here that my collection with Joss & Main ends tomorrow night, June 24 at 9pm EST. Here’s a sampling of what’s still available!

Making it Lovely's Sale on Joss & Main

It’s a membership-only shopping site, but you can get instant access by joining with my invitation. Grab some goodies while you still can!

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