In the Clouds

It all started with that Cole & Son Fornasetti Nuvole and Nuvolette wallpaper that I love so much. Now I’m continually finding myself drawn to clouds.

House & Garden

House Beautiful

Still loving that Etched Arcadia mural I wish I could find a spot for.

House & Garden

Edward Asher’s Cloud Studies.

Edward Asher Cloud Studies

Landscape paintings by Robert Roth.

Robert Roth Landscape Paintings
And then there’s this sweet cloud painting (print?) that I keep finding on Tumblr (here and here), but can’t trace back to original sources. I’ve seen the art credited to Chessy Welch.



Take it away, Bob Ross.

The Nursery, as a Clean Slate

I had been considering a few colors, but I decided to go with white walls for Calvin’s nursery. It just felt right.

Calvin's Nursery / Former Second Kitchen

It’s creamier than the stark white that’s so prevalent today, but it works nicely with all of the wood. (The color is Crisp Linen White, by Glidden.) Without white trim to contribute to a light airy feeling, white paint that was too bright would have fought with the woodwork and made the room feel cold.

Calvin's Nursery / Former Second Kitchen

Before and after time!

This is the best angle to look at the room from, to understand the changes to the hallway and relocation of the doorway. The sink is gone, and you no longer have to walk through this portion of the house to get from the front to the back.

Second Floor Kitchen
Calvin's Nursery / Former Second Kitchen

Our Victorian was originally a single-family home, but it had been converted to apartments long ago (sometime around the Great Depression, I believe. We have some old paperwork and census information that I ought to write about!). Getting rid of this kitchen and turning it back into a bedroom is in line with how the house was originally designed.

Second Floor Kitchen
Calvin's Nursery / Former Second Kitchen

The radiator was not moved, but we did get rid of each of those three doorways you see here. We relocated one of them to a new wall that was built and reused the door and trim.

Second Floor Kitchen
Calvin's Nursery / Former Second Kitchen

I’m not in love with the cabinetry, but it is staying and will function as a closet, dresser, and additional storage space.

Second Floor Kitchen
Calvin's Nursery / Former Second Kitchen

Now that the new room has been painted, I can finally get started on the fun stuff!

Annika Von Holdt's Home

Miriam Alia's Pink Bedroom
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