The Victorian House: The Second Floor Bedrooms

Up the stairs


This will be our bedroom.



The closet has amazing potential. Also, there is a random sink inside that doesn’t work. Yay!



There is no central air in the house, but there are transom windows above each of the doors off the hallway for air circulation.

Transom Windows Above Doors

Here’s the second bedroom on the second floor. We think this one will be for August.

Bedroom with Blue Striped Wallpaper

Bedroom with Blue Striped Wallpaper

And here’s the last bedroom on the second floor, most likely Eleanor’s. I did have to reassure her that we could add some blue to the room, because she really liked the stripes that August got.


And the house even comes complete with another porch upstairs, like the one off of my office. It’s small, but charming.

Back Porch #2

* Edit: In an earlier version of this post, I mentioned the location of the porch in relation to the other rooms. I’ve since come to the conclusion that it would be better omit that information.


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