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Bloggers’ Favorite Things for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is almost here! To offer up a few gift ideas, Stefanie of Brooklyn Limestone and Jen of Rambling Renovators arranged a blogger gift exchange, and have created an accompanying gift guide. The whole exchange was a lot of fun. Jen stopped by while she and her husband were in town this weekend (!), but usually we all don’t get to see each other very often. Instead, we keep up with each other via social media and email, or just by following along with each other’s blogs. Getting a little surprise in the mail from a friend is such a nice way to stay connected.

The exchange was done Secret Santa style between a group of us home/design bloggers who also happen to be moms: Brooklyn LimestoneRambling RenovatorsCentsational Girl6th Street Design SchoolHouse*TweakingCopy Cat ChicDanielle OakeyHi SugarplumFreckles ChickA Thoughtful PlaceJust BellaNorth Story

If you search #bloggerfavthings on Instagram, you can see everything! Several companies also generously sent us gifts: Wrist SoireeThe Company StoreDelta FaucetsMintedSchoolhouse ElectricHome DecoratorsThe NY Times Store

I sent a few of my favorite things to Nya of Freckles Chick, like some decorative spiky goldy urchin ball things (because: shiny), a paintbrush notepad along with the best pens (they come in the prettiest colors), and an awesome card by Ghost Academy. I sent Nya a finger puppet monster too, because I always think those things are funny. Her daughter stole it immediately and claimed it as her own, which really, was to be expected.

Gifts to Nya (Freckles Chick)

Kate of Centsational Girl was my secret match, and I love the thoughtful goodies she sent my way. Chocolate (which was eaten far too quickly), personalized pink pencils and a Kate Spade pencil pouch with a glasses print, plus a makeup primer (because in her words, “who wouldn’t want to look five years younger?”).

Gifts from Kate (Centsational Girl)

If you’re looking for special Mother’s Day gift ideas, take a look at the Bloggers’ Favorite Things Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

Nap All Day

Not really, but I wish.

I’ve been pregnant for half the time that we’ve lived in this house. Each morning for the past few months, I would wake up with a running list in my head of all the things I would set out to accomplish that day. I can organize the closet! I’ll upholster August’s bed! Paint a room! Strip some wallpaper! Get my office in reasonable order! And then I’d be all, nah, I should sit down and rest. Maybe go to sleep early. Eleanor has her motto, and so do I.

Nap All Day, Sleep All Night, Party Never

I am getting things done, just not at the pace I’d like to. Painting the walls black downstairs was not fun. Normally I love to paint! My body isn’t dealing well with this pregnancy though — it has been much harder than it was with the other two — and I don’t think I can make it up and down a ladder again right now. I slogged through and I’m glad it’s finished, but I haven’t been eager to repeat the experience.

I’m so glad we hired someone to do the built-in bookshelves for us, because there’s no way that project would be near completion right now if we’d tried to do it ourselves. I’m too stubborn to hire out for a paint job or small projects around the house though, and too much of a perfectionist to ask Brandon to do it (he has been a huge help with the kids and helping run the house, but I’m the handier of the two of us). Some days I feel like I’m finally getting some energy back, but then I’ll have three days in a row where I’m exhausted and in pain. It’s frustrating because I have all of these ideas inside, waiting to be put into action, but I can’t act on them except in short bursts. Maybe soon? I’m being cautiously optimistic.

Inspiration for a Horse Birthday Party for Kids

Eleanor’s fifth birthday is only a couple of weeks away, and Brandon and I had been asking her for the past month what kind of party she’d like. The answer? A horse/LEGO/Play-Doh/kitty theme. She had a Play-Doh birthday party last year (complete with the most amazing birthday cake), so after some further consideration, we’re going with horses this year. Which means I’ve been looking for horse birthday party ideas that don’t involve cowboys and cowgirls, derby hats (as much as I love ‘em), or the presence of a live horse.

Horse Birthday Party Bing Search

Some of the ideas are way over the top compared to what we usually do for the kids’ birthdays. A cute cake and some show ribbons? Great! A party on location at a barn with horse rides for everyone? I’m sure Eleanor would flip, but sorry kid, your party’s here at home. Still, I’ve had a lot of fun using Bing to search for inspiration. Each search earns points too, with their free Bing Rewards program (even when I use Bing on my phone). I’m going to redeem some of the points I’ve accumulated for an Amazon gift card, so all of my searching will add up to one very large horse-shaped balloon for free.

Using #BingRewards

Here are some of the items and ideas we’ll be using for Eleanor’s upcoming party. I’ve already shown some of these to her, and she’s super excited!

Horse Birthday Party Ideas

  1. Decorations for a Pony Party
    The vintage vibe and color palette are lovely.

  2. DIY Horse Ribbons
    These would be great for decorating, though I suspect they take some time to make in multiples! Vintage ribbons are plentiful on eBay and Etsy, too.

  3. Horse Party String Lights
    After the party, these can decorate E’s bedroom.

  4. Horse-Shaped Jumbo Foil Balloons
    Two or three of these ought to make a big impact.

  5. Horse Topper on the Cake
    A toy horse is a sweet, simple way to decorate the birthday cake.

  6. Pin the Tail on the Pony
    The perfect party game to play.

  7. Tiny Toy Horses
    For the goody bags, along with stickers, candy, and other assorted items.

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I’m required to disclose a sponsored partnership between our site and Bing. I have been compensated in exchange for this post in the form of payment, product or experiences.

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