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Kitchen Lighting Options

The ceiling in the kitchen is 7’10” high. The light that’s in the room now has three fluorescent bulbs, hangs down 10″, and has a 15″ diameter. It’s the right size and has the right light output, but I never did like it all that much. Now that the kitchen has been updated a bit, I want to replace the semi-flush mount fixture with something prettier, but not lose too much light or headroom. Argh, I feel like I’ve been here before.

Lighting I Really Really Want to Work in the Kitchen

Kitchen Lighting Options from Making it Lovely (Love these!)

  1. Factory Satellite 3
    I don’t know if it would look funny hugging the ceiling, and I worry that the shades will block too much of the ambient light that we currently have bouncing off of the ceiling. Also, Edison bulbs look great but I would replace them with fluorescent bulbs for practicality, and even the round ones may throw the look off a little.

  2. Bluff City Pendant, Large, Mint/Red
    It’s supposed to be a pendant, not a flush-mount fixture. It’s slightly too tall (13″), and I’m not sure it would provide enough light. But I love it. I would happily save up for this one.

Somebody please tell me that one of those two will suit my needs perfectly and we will be happy forever and ever. Except don’t if it isn’t true. I mustn’t allow my infatuation to get the best of me.

Here, we have some more options.

Lights I Like a Lot but Know Won’t Work and are Therefore Easier to Resist

Kitchen Lighting Options

  1. Artimede Nur Mini Ceiling Light
    The “mini” version is still fairly large, and it’s a good size for our kitchen, but it focuses light downward and wouldn’t provide enough general illumination.

  2. IKEA 365+ Brasa Black Pendant Lamp
    This looks much more expensive than it is, but again, it directs light downward. And it’s another pendant that I’m trying to force into a semi-flush mount, and that’s probably silly.

  3. FLOS Glo-Ball C Ceiling Light
    If you haven’t seen this one in person, you’re probably thinking this is a really simple light with a really high price tag. I assure you it is organic and special and beautiful, and yes, the price tag is still high. I don’t love it enough to spend that much, and it only holds one bulb anyway.

  4. FLOS Smithfield Ceiling Lamp
    I adore the shape, and there is even a 3-bulb option. Alas, it is directional, downward light.

I used a fancy-ish html trick to continuously label those bullet points with a break between the ordered lists, so hopefully the numbers correspond. If not, may the powers of deduction and common sense be your friend.

Moving on! This next collection has another catchy name.

Lighting That Will Work Just Fine but That I am Less Excited About Overall

Flush-Mount Kitchen Lighting Options

  1. Robert Abbey Antique Nickel Ceiling Light
    Cute. But is it too cute? Also, the shade is fabric and I wish it wasn’t.

  2. Black Horizontal Stripe Nickel Wide Ceiling Light
    Black and white stripes would look good in the kitchen! But on the light? Dunno. And it’s fabric again.

  3. 3-Bulb Semi-Flush Light
    This is the stupid light we already have. It is passable. It’s biggest selling point is that it’s already in the room (no work, no money spent).

Can you tell I don’t have as much enthusiasm for this last set? There’s also this collection of flush mount lighting to look at from when I did my big ceiling light guide last year, and my whole lighting board on Pinterest.

What do you think? I’m tempted to try one of the first two out, and then Swiss cheese my ceiling to bits with recessed lighting. Kidding (sort of).

Black and White Wall Art for the Kitchen

Candice Bergen Quote

I didn’t like the white walls in the kitchen until I added our big black and white print. Now the walls look intentional instead of forgotten. I would love to recreate the print for you as a free printable for download (it wouldn’t be difficult), but it doesn’t feel right. I know the quote can be attributed to Candice Bergen, but I don’t know who created the print, or when. Instead, I’ve rounded up a few options for black and white wall art that would feel right at home in my kitchen — and maybe yours, too.

Black and White Wall Art for the Kitchen


  2. Like Ron Swanson, I want you to give me all the bacon and eggs you have. (Wait, wait…)

  3. Butcher Prints (set of 3)

  4. This cute flag conversions tea towel, designed by Shanna Murray is no longer available, but the idea of framing it was so cute that I still wanted to include it here.

  5. This conversion tea towel could be a good substitute for the last one.

  6. This triangle tea towel would also look fantastic on display in the kitchen.

  7. These pretzels are making me thirsty. (Maybe he had a different interpretation!)

  8. Kitchen Cooking Print

  9. Newgate Bubble Clock

Falling for My White Kitchen

I painted the door to the bathroom white this weekend, along with the door between the kitchen and dining room. I cleaned the bare wood, did a little sanding (and broke out my “retro safety glasses”), then primed and put two coats of paint on. I also got rid of the high chair.

Kitchen Instagram Photos

I was looking through some of my decorating books, and I saw a kitchen I liked with an old industrial stool in it. I realized I had something similar from when I bought my dining room chairs, and I got excited. I also thought that maybe an old print we’ve had sitting in the basement (um, there are a lot of things “sitting” in the basement right now) would work on the wall where the high chair was. When I brought the two up, I got really excited. I may have fallen for my white kitchen.

All-White Kitchen

It looked like this before.

The Kitchen, Before

Not bad (and maybe preferred by some), but I do like the current look more. Brandon and I worked so hard on that kitchen (we demolished and replaced everything except the flooring when we moved in), but five years of yellow paint and shabby wood was enough.

Here’s the ‘get your bearings’ shot (taken from the dining room), complete with crazy lady scrawl to highlight all of my kitchen’s flaws. Yay!

Kitchen: Get Your Bearings

The wide-angle lens makes it look huge. It is not. The size doesn’t bother me, but all that white is a little boring. Maybe painting the back door would help? Or a colorful refrigerator! OK, the door is more doable, but I’ve been dreaming about having a cute fridge for years. I mean, COME ON. I could totally pull that look off in my kitchen.

Moving on.

Candice Bergen Quote

The print belonged to Brandon’s grandmother. My mother-in-law said that her mom talked a shop owner into selling it to her, though it wasn’t actually for sale. I was able to attribute the quote to Candice Bergen. I don’t know anything more about it, but I do like it a whole lot.

Dinosaur Planter

That little dino guy used to be lime green. He stays because August likes him so much, but I did give him a more subtle paint job. He and the vintage canisters were picked up at The Vintage Bazaar, and the Heath Ceramics vase was a San Francisco souvenir.

Kitchen Sink

The sink side of the kitchen looks like it has all along. Some flowers would be nice in that vase, but alas, none on hand.

White Kitchen

Just like last time, the window treatments are coming in last. I’m second guessing my decision to use the Rifle Paper backdrop fabric because the windows actually look good bare. Although maybe they could go from good to great with curtains? Roman shades? Roller shades? Or the fabric from the curtains I just tried in the office? (Those are likely being returned soon.)

White Kitchen

I was going to paint the lower cabinets. Again, now I’m not so sure. I think I should paint the back door, and maybe bring in a rug. New light? Keep the white paint? I don’t know anymore. I like the white a lot more than I did though, that’s for sure. Not bad for a DIY IKEA kitchen in a hundred-year-old bungalow.

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