Matte Gold Sequin Skirt

I have a whole (imaginary) outfit planned around this one. Long white cardigan, pink blouse with some sort of detail (ruffles, bow, or tie) at the neck, plum tights, and red heels.

New York & Company

Introducing a New Section on Making it Lovely: The Filing Cabinet

I am so jazzed. I have a whole new section to introduce to you today! I’m calling it The Filing Cabinet, because that’s where I’ll be filing away all kinds of extra goodies for you.

I have been working away, tweaking the design and making sure all of the technical details were taken care of. PHP and I have become good friends this week and I am happier than ever with all of the customization made possible by running WordPress. You may have noticed that the sidebar has changed. Check out the new features:

And when you’re actually in The Filing Cabinet the sidebar will show you images from the latest three posts on the main section of Making it Lovely. It’s all very fancy.

Here’s what the new section actually looks like. (And if it doesn’t look like this for you, let me know so that I can crawl into a corner and weep fix it. I’ve just finished coding this mere hours ago, so there may be a few bugs.)

I mean, really. The filing cabinet opens and everything. Is that not the neatest feature? Am I a little too dorky to be as excited as I am about it? (Probably.)

So what can you expect to find amongst the files? A little bit of everything and anything that catches my fancy. Furniture. Lighting. Fonts that set my hear aflutter. And you can quickly see what’s in each file at a glance. Here’s a peek at the ‘S’ for Shoes file.

Head on over and check it out. There are already about ten pages of goodies to look through, and I’ll be adding more all the time. The new posts can only be seen in The Filing Cabinet, and you can subscribe separately to that feed to have new entries delivered right to your feed reader or inbox. Yay!

Darjeeling Font

The entire typeface is nice, but my oh my, look at Darjeeling Regnaments.


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