The Basement Drywall is Done

Remember the drywall photos from last week? Here’s what the walls are looking like today.

So much more finished! The trim is starting to go in today too. Hooray for more progress!

Pencil Case

I like my office supplies to be self-referential.

Jonathan Adler

More Basement Bathroom Fixture Options

I had been considering several porcelain lighting options for the bathroom, but I realized that I needed something a little different. The space calls for a light that hangs down or it’s going to hit the ceiling. The half-bath has very short ceilings (6’2″ high) due to duct work. Luckily I found a porcelain sconce that would still work.

Sage Sconce, Streamline Porcelain Towel Ring (in white), and Streamline Porcelain Toilet Paper Holder (in white)

Then I started looking at more traditional chrome sconces, and I found myself really liking that look too.

Mercer Single Sconce, Mercer Paper Holder, and Mercer Towel Ring

So here goes. I’m going to try to explain the circuitous logic behind my choices for the bathroom so far. Ready?

First I thought that I would keep everything very clean, white, and minimal, and then get some really awesome industrial cage lights. Then I realized that you need a lot of natural light to pull of white walls (otherwise it will just look drab and institutional). So then I thought I would go with old-fashioned porcelain styles, but then I’d probably want to paint the walls a color. Or I could wallpaper! Wallpaper is always fun in a powder room. But then the porcelain or industrial style is out because it would compete, so that puts me at the classic chrome fixtures. Hmm, unless the wallpaper pattern was small-scale enough to work with the porcelain fixtures and octagon tile. That would probably look pretty good! Ah, but wait. What am I going to do for a mirror? I could do a quirky painted wooden one like I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago, but again I need lighting fixtures that will not fight it. So do I go with a simple rectangular mirror? With or without a frame? Oh, or maybe a frameless mirror in an interesting shape. OK. Pretty color on the walls + chrome fixtures + painted wooden mirror… Or maybe wallpaper + porcelain fixtures + frameless mirror. Yes, definitely one of those two options. Maybe. I think.

Still there? Yeah, those are the thoughts swirling around in my head these days. I can’t seem to make a decision until I’ve made all the decisions.

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