MiY 6a: Modern Country Dining Room

As I mentioned, in this edition of Making it Yours (MIY), we’re starting out in Anne’s dining room before she hands the Napa dining table down to her sister Lia. Anne loves neutrals, she loves classic design elements, and her she loves modern country style.

The creamy walls and curtains form a soft backdrop that contrasts with the rustic elements like the stoneware and the Tuscan urns. The table has a lovely but understated linen table runner to add a little texture, and two matching pendants hang above. The patterned rug is a modern take on a classic Persian style, and the chairs are a sort of a cool café style. The giclee print adds another modern note, but doesn’t draw too much attention to itself or seem out of place.

We’ll see one more look from Anne as her style heads toward a more classically traditional look, and then her sister Lia will take it in a totally different direction.

Making it Yours 6: Napa Dining Table

The sixth edition of Making it Yours (MIY) will feature the Napa Dining Table from Cost Plus. It’s an affordable solid-wood table that looks much more expensive than it is.

We’ll first see the table in Anne’s home. Anne like neutrals and her taste leans toward country and traditional; very different from her quirky, bohemian sister Lia who will be inheriting the table next. I’ve enjoyed designing five looks around these two ladies, all centering on the same piece of furniture! I’ll be sharing the first look with you shortly: Anne’s Modern Country Dining Room.

Spooky Halloween Front Porch for BHG

My fourth and final project for Better Homes & Gardens can finally be revealed! I decorated our front porch for Halloween with 2D and 3D spooky crows on twisted branches. My porch is up against the other three bloggers’ projects, so please vote for your favorite at bhg.com.

In addition to the crows, several rats can also be found cavorting about. Even Bernard the monkey (I picked him up on clearance over the summer at Z Gallerie) has found a small furry friend.

The project was pretty straightforward, but here’s how I did it…


  • black construction paper or poster board
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • transparent tape
  • large branches (the gnarlier, the better)
  • black spray paint (optional)
  • fake crows
  • wire (if your crows do not have it already)
  • planters and bricks/rocks for bases


  • Sketch a barren tree and a couple of crows onto your black paper.
  • Cut out your shapes and affix them to your door or window with transparent tape.
  • If you need to darken your branches, spray them with a bit of black paint and let them dry.
  • Fill your planters with rocks or bricks and insert your branches.
  • Perch your birds in the branches and secure them with wire (my birds’ feet had wire built-in for this purpose).

I also took off our screen door (it was blocking the view of the silhouetted birds), and I made new curtains for the front door and window.

Remember, you can vote every day until Halloween for your favorite project at bhg.com. Now I can’t wait to answer the door for the neighborhood trick-or-treaters on Sunday…

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