Valet Wireless Router

We had been using a decade-old Apple Airport for our wifi, but its performance had been spotty lately. Cisco contacted me about their new Valet and offered to send one, and I accepted since we actually were in the market for a new router. This one is super easy to setup, and I like that it’s small and white. Yay for simple, good-looking tech!

* Cisco is running a contest now through Wednesday in which you could win a personal assistant for six months. Get it? Your own personal valet. You can enter here.

Cisco Valet

Elopement Pumps

Everything about these shoes from the name, to the color, to the style, has my heart fluttering.


The Laundry Room Sink

While I was out having a baby, the basement has been inching toward completion. The laundry room sink went in last Monday, but the contractor used PVC pipes underneath. I had to go ask him if he could change them to chrome, and he looked at me like I was a little nuts. I just want some pretty pipes — is that so weird? (Yeah, probably.)

I last saw the sink Tuesday morning, a few hours before I went into labor. I’m supposed to be taking it easy and avoiding stairs, so I hadn’t been back down to the basement until today. The pipes had been switched out and the chrome looks so much better! Of course, I realized after coming back up and looking at the photos that I snapped that I completely missed the underside of the sink. There are still a lot of tools in the way, and I had August in my arms, so I couldn’t get a good angle. You can see one of the faucets here though.

Looking good so far! Now if we could just move this project along…

Thank you, Vintage Tub & Bath, for providing the sink and faucets.

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