Style: April ’96

A black floor-length skirt is more versatile than you might think. You can probably wear one just about every day, with any black shirt or band t-shirt you like. (Trent Reznor is so hot, right?) I think combat boots are cool, but jump boots have a smoother sole that I like better. Nobody’s going to see your legs with those boots and long skirt, but just in case, you can wear these striped thigh high socks. And I found these arm warmers for sale, but I just make my own out of tights. DIY project!

Red glasses are kind of arty, so I like them. (I hope they’re not too Salle Jesse). My hair is purple now, but I’m thinking about bleaching it next, or maybe just dying it black again. Oh, and I usually carry everything I need in my backpack, but my mom got one of those Sak purses for me when they came out. I guess it’s cool.

Whoops, how did 15-year-old me post this!? Happy April Fool’s Day!

Kerouac Luggage Tag

Pretty fantastic. Though you’ve read On the Road, right? Do I want my suitcase telling people I’m on a peyote-feuled trip? But then again, look. Orange! Cute! Bookish!

REMO General Store (via Swiss Miss)

Chocolate Kimono Oven Mitts

The other side of the oven mitt looks like these polka dot napkins. I just picked up two of these for our kitchen, and as you can see, Eleanor’s a fan.

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