Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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My mom has always loved shopping at Pier 1. I remember going with her when I was a kid and being distracted by sequin embellishments, crocheted vests (remember when they had clothes?), and and enough breakables within reach to hear a steady refrain of “don’t touch” directed toward me and my little sister. To this day, I still like to pop over to Pier 1 to look around, except now I’m the one telling my kids to be careful! The circle of life…

These are some of my favorite finds, inspired by my mom. (And mom? I know you read here, so you may want to skip this post if you like surprises.)

Pier 1 Mother's Day Gifts

  1. Window with Ledge Collage Frame
    I could see this in an entryway filled with photos of the kids or grandkids.

  2. Elizabeth Monogram Mugs
    Lovely letters, and the variation in the shape of the mugs make for a nice set if you’re picking up more than one.

  3. Ashworth Antique White Jewelry Armoire
    A jewelry armoire is a fun indulgence for someone who loves accessories.

  4. Tulip Capiz Pendant Light
    A shimmery finish and the loveliest shape! A pair of these would be perfect over bedside tables.

  5. Embossed Flower Garden Stool
    This is my favorite of the bunch. In front of boxwood hedges and blooming peonies? So pretty!

  6. Grand Bazaar Fringe Pillow
    Sometimes you need a little texture to complement other colors or patterns. This pillow will work very nicely in that regard.

  7. Floral Embroidered Lumbar Pillow
    My mom specifically asked for this one! The flowers and embroidery are particularly pretty.

  8. Antique White Bird Wreath Stand
    This stand would be an easy way to display a wreath above a fireplace, and that bird is very sweet.

  9. White Scalloped Cake Plates
    These come in two sizes: extra cute, and extra-extra cute. (OK, 9″ or 11.” But both cute, yes?)

  10. Faux Peony Wreath
    Peonies all spring!

  11. Javanese Collage Frame
    I’m a sucker for carved wood details. Fill the frames with photos before giving as a gift!

  12. Boho Embroidered Bird Pillow
    Tweet tweet! Another pillow with embroidered details.

  13. Artichoke Planter
    The texture is awesome on this, and it’s a good sized planter too.

  14. Hayworth Mirror & Antique White Vanity Set
    A pretty spot to sit and get ready for the day (or night). The mirror, vanity, and stool are all available separately too.

Now here’s where I spoil the surprise for my mom if she didn’t heed my advice and skip this post! I picked up the pillow I knew she wanted, but also a couple of the white ones. We like to talk about decorating, and I’ve been telling her to get a pair of white textured pillows for her leather sofa, but she hadn’t gotten around to it yet. I took a quick photo of them to share before I wrap them up!

Pillows from Pier 1

Embroidered Pillow from Pier 1

Oh, and something else too, but that’s staying a surprise. :)

p.s. My other favorite recent finds were the blue and white vases you saw in Tuesday’s flower post. I was able to find the temple jar online, which along with the ginger jar, was part of a larger collection. They’re selling quickly but it’s worth checking a local store — the one in Oak Park still had several styles when I stopped in a few days ago!

Blue & White from Pier 1

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  • Amy Knight
    April 29, 2016 at 1:44 pm

    This is unrelated to this post, but I just noticed you changed your header! Cute! I love the bees, and it seems fitting for your entomological (is that a word) leanings :)

    • Making it Lovely
      April 29, 2016 at 4:02 pm

      Thanks! The swan made me smile, but this one feels more me.