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That’s Number 8

Triple Lobe, Helix Hoop, and Flat Ear Piercings | Making it Lovely

I went and got a sparkly new piercing in the flat of my left ear! That brings my total number of piercings up to 8.

I begged to get my earlobes pierced when I was a kid, and I got them done at Claire’s for my eighth birthday. Some time in my early teens I got the seconds done, again at Claire’s. At 15 or so, I did the helix myself with an ice cube, an earring, and determination. It took a long time. I could *hear* the progress I was making, and at a certain point, I just figured I had to be almost done and should just keep going. First thing I said to my mom when she got home was “I did something and if you don’t like it, I can take it out.” She let me keep it.

When did I do the thirds? Maybe late teens or early twenties? It’s a little fuzzy. Somewhere with a piercing gun like Claire’s again, I’m sure. I was young, didn’t have much money, and I don’t think people were as aware of the ills of the piercing gun as they are now. I definitely wasn’t. My newest piercing was done with a needle at a proper place (Luxe Piercing for those of you nearby).

I was more nervous than I remember being before, only because it had been so long and I knew I’d be doing something in the cartilage, but it was fine! A few seconds and it was over. It’s been almost a week and it’s healing nicely so far.

Every day, I choose what to wear from my collection of hoops, huggies, studs, and cuffs. I’m having so much fun.

Nicole Balch | Making it Lovely
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