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Reupholstering My Floral Chair with Calico

Sponsored by Calico

I loved my loud floral armchair. It was a floor model, and there was a small rip in the linen fabric when I bought it. I experimented with ways to fix it, ultimately landing on a patch that blended pretty well! I was proud of my handiwork, and the chair was really cute in our last home and in this one.

Ten years on though, the fabric on the seat had started to look a bit threadbare. It went from noticeably “hmmm” to “oh no” pretty quickly and it was beyond my abilities to repair any further. But I still loved the chair! No need to replace and treat it as disposable — it was time to reupholster.

Ripped Linen Chair Fabric

I visited Calico in Hinsdale and worked with Linda (she was so helpful!) to pull fabric options. Calico’s design services are free, and you can make an appointment for your local store. There’s a whole before and after gallery to get you inspired, and you can request a reupholstery quote too. Calico reupholsters more than 10,000 furniture pieces every year!

At our appointment, Linda had pointed me toward a floral very similar in feel to what the chair had. It would have been sort of a floral 2.0 update, and it was definitely in the running, but we looked at options for changing it up too.

Fabric Swatches at Calico Corners

Calico lets you borrow their fabric samples so you can be sure they look right on the piece you want to reupholster, and so that you can make sure they work with the rest of your home. I rethought a couple of my top choices after seeing them with the rest of my furniture. I like the armchair being in our bedroom (a pretty neutral backdrop), but wanted to keep the option to use it downstairs if I feel like rearranging at some point.

Calico Corners Fabric Samples at Home | Making it Lovely

I felt like I was close to choosing, but on a follow-up visit, I noticed a print I hadn’t seen before. Like little granny squares? I had to borrow the sample to see. I did a Photoshop mockup for both too.

Calico Corners Fabric Options - Granny Squares Scalamandre and Bold Floral
French Fauteuil Crapaud Napolean Armchairs | Calico Corners, Making it Lovely

Floral 2.0 (Cassaro Luxe Collection Passion Fruit) or little granny squares (Scalamandré Kirov)? I went back and forth, but the little granny squares charmed me. I returned my fabric samples and placed my order with Linda. Calico handled everything from getting the fabric in, picking up the chair, having it reupholstered (including some freshening up of the foam padding), and then having it delivered again.

My chair! She’s so cute! It looks perfect.

Reupholstered Armchair from Calico Corners | Making it Lovely
Calico Corners Fabric Samples at Home | Making it Lovely
Armchair Calico Corners Kirov Scalamandre Fabric Reupholstered | Making it Lovely

Having a piece reupholstered is so fun. You get to fall in love with a piece all over again. It was cute and quirky for ten years, and now it can be cute and quirky in a different way for the next ten years! And in better shape, too.

Floral Armchair Before | Making it Lovely
Reupholstered Chair with Calico Corners | Making it Lovely
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  • Deb
    October 13, 2021 at 4:29 am

    So cute! I wasn’t aware that Calico offered reupholstery services. Thanks for featuring that!

  • Cassidy
    October 13, 2021 at 8:53 am

    15 years ago…one of your blog posts inspired me to buy a black and white Astrid chair from Anthropologie. I was 23 and it was the fanciest piece of furniture in my apartment living room (the only piece, actually, for about 2 months…)

    It has lived many lives in different rooms of many homes! Five years ago I had a carpenter put rocking chair sleds on it, and it has been my nursery chair through two babyhoods. The upholstery is looking faded and my youngest is turning two. There is a Calico in my town, I just looked! I think you just inspired Astrid 2.0.

  • Sarah
    October 19, 2021 at 2:28 pm

    Wow, great work! I love how this turned out, you are so talented! One of my friends reupholstered a vintage loveseat for me as a gift a few months ago, but my dog somehow had an accident on it just a few days ago. I cleaned it up as best as we could but there is still a smell and I’m afraid it will smell. Do you know if it’s safe to get a professional upholstery cleaning on reupholstered furniture?