How My Garden Grows

It seems that spring has finally arrived in Chicagoland. I did alot of work last year to the garden, and I’ve been eager to see how everything would look now. How big will the plants be? Will everything come back, or will some plants not make it? Well, so far things are looking good.



Karen Azalea:
Karen Azalea

Ivory Halo Dogwood:
Ivory Halo Dogwood

Hostas, boxwood, and tulips:
Hostas, Boxwood, & Tulips

I’m not sure how much gardening I’ll be doing this summer, but I did buy two giant green planters from IKEA and a sky pencil holly from Sprout Home.

Sky Pencil Holly

I think I’ll put the holly against the back of the house (seen here, last summer):
Another Little Garden

I wanted to put the planters on the front porch, flanking the door, but Brandon thinks they’ll be too heavy once they’re filled with dirt. Our porch is pretty old, and he may be right… I’m not sure if it could support the weight. I like them though, so I’m sure I can find a spot for them somewhere.

Hooray for spring and all its renewed greenery!

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