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Wardrobe Updates for Spring

I’m about halfway through this pregnancy now. As I grow, I’ve been sticking mostly to the maternity clothes I have from when I was pregnant the first time around with Eleanor, five years ago. Let’s just say… I’m not as excited about my wardrobe as one could be. Nordstrom Rack is now shoppable online, so I had some fun checking out the new site and putting together my favorite finds. I spotted a cute pair of straight leg maternity jeans, and below I concentrated on shoes, accessories, and jewelry. You know, the stuff that always fits.

Nordstrom Rack

  1. Sugarlips Long Sleeve Blouse
    Ever so slightly sheer, and with a mandarin collar.

  2. Eye Candy Los Angeles Green Rock Pendant
    I like the simplicity of jewelry that’s essentially a rock on a chain, with a little gold to hold it in place.

  3. Michael Vincent Michaud Round Stud Earrings
    The imperfect gold setting makes these interesting.

  4. Cole Haan Bellport Carryall Tote
    That punch pink is just so delicious, and perfect with a bit of leather trim.

  5. Bucco Valentony Gladiator Sandal
    They go with black and brown, the straps are great, and hello, stripes! For $27. So awesome.

  6. V Optique Pier Readers
    For those of you that only need readers (rather than glasses with a full prescription), these are a lovely shape.

  7. Harlyn Silk Colorblock Pocket Shift Dress
    The easy shape of this is so perfect, especially from the back. And how cute are those pockets?

  8. Dogeared Initial Ring
    I’d wear a stack with my kids’ initials, but I was chuckling thinking of what four letter words I might spell out, knuckle tattoo style.

  9. Vince Camuto Diamond Pattern Ring
    A big ring with big impact.

  10. Lucky Embroidered Square Scarf
    I am in favor of quirky details like the tassels, and the fabric is a gorgeous shade of pinkish red with embroidery.

  11. Hobo Lorna Crossbody
    Big enough to carry everything without being bulky, and the green is a fun color.

  12. Mixx Shuz Jane Ankle Strap Flat
    Yes to a bit of unexpected pattern at the heel.

Things sell out quickly, but new Nordstrom Rack goods for women, men, and kids are added to the site weekly, all at up to 70% off and with free shipping over $100. (Plus you have the option of taking things back to the store or sending them back by mail within 90 days, so returns are easy.) The sale events are powered by HauteLook and if you have an account there, you can use it for too. The shopping cart lets you add items from both sites, and they ship to the US, Canada, and Australia. And now that they’re online, it’s so much easier to keep an eye out for what’s new. I’d add that dress to my cart, but I think I’m already too big for it and it won’t be practical for nursing. I’m going to go for the scarf and sandals though! They should go a long way toward making my current maternity options a bit more fun.

Style: Sundial Skirt

I love this Sundial Skirt. Love it. I’m sorely tempted to buy it now and save it away for wear a year from now, when I ought to have a waist again after baby number three, but who knows what size I’ll end up at. (Smaller, right? Ha. Hahahaha.) So instead, I’m creating an outfit around it.

Sundial Skirt

I’d wear it as shown, necklace and striped belt included, but I wanted to put together a different take on it here.

Red/Orange Midi Skirt #makingitlovely

  1. Strike it Lucky Top, ModCloth
    My favorite blouse shape. Easy to wear, with a little detail at the neckline and sleeves.

  2. Ms. G Glasses, Rivet & Sway
    Such a good color, and a flattering shape.

  3. Givenchy Dahlia Noire Eau de Parfum, Sephora
    A new favorite. The notes as listed: pink pepper, mandarin, cedrat, rose, peach, cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla, and amber.

  4. Say Yes “Yes” Necklace”, Kate Spade
    A small but positive statement to keep with you through the day.

  5. Daniela Bustos Maya Single Coin Necklace, Madewell
    A good layering necklace to go with the other.

  6. The Holepunch Transport Tote, Madewell
    A basic tote, punched up (literally) with a little detail.

  7. Sundial Skirt, Anthropologie
    Pretty pretty.

  8. Fores Bracelet, Tiro Tiro
    A delicate form that still carries some impact (and a bit of color).

  9. Nude Shot Vanilla Beige Nail Polish, Sephora
    The perfect done but not overdone color.

  10. Golden Hour Sling-Back Shoes, BHLDN
    Simple, with a nice manageable 2.5″ heel.

Maternity Style

A saleslady told me yesterday that I looked like I “stepped out of a J.Crew magazine.” I’m pretty sure that she a.) meant ‘catalog’ and b.) was trying to upsell me on some scented plastic* kids’ kitty shoes, but I’ll take it. The compliment and the shoes.

* Are plastic shoes a bad choice for daily wear? I usually only keep two pairs of shoes that fit each kid in rotation, and now those kitty shoes are one of them for E. Maybe I’m channeling my mother’s distaste for those jelly shoes I loved way back when, so serves me right I guess.

Anyway. I unpacked all of my maternity clothes a few weeks ago. I’m pretty sure normal people can wait until they’re a little further along, but with baby number three my body was all, “oh, pregnancy? I remember that!” And I puffed up so nicely that I looked about the same weeks 5-12, the bloating diminishing and subsiding just in time for the beginnings of a real baby bump. Since my clothes were getting too tight, I thought that maybe revisiting all of my old maternity options might be fun — like getting a whole new insta-wardrobe! There were a few pieces that I was happy to see again (long tanks, a couple of long-sleeve tees, a pair of stretchy skinny jeans, and a dress or two), but a lot of the clothes aren’t going to work this time around. Much of it is too big or for the wrong seasons, so I started pulling together a few things I might like to add to my wardrobe over on The Prowl. There’s an interesting crowdsource angle to it where you can ask or answer people’s style questions, or use it to create style boards like the one I made for maternity clothes.

Here are a few things I’ve had my eye on.

Maternity Style #TheProwl #makingitlovely

  1. Striped Raglan Sweater and Skinny Mini Khakis
    This look is really all about the scarf, isn’t it? Note to self: scarves are your friend when working with a limited wardrobe.

  2. The Bateau Top
    I love stripes on a round belly, and this top would get a lot of use by me.

  3. The Jumper
    I chose this with a “why not?” attitude, and was quickly reminded of how often pregnant women need to use the bathroom. That’s probably the reason not, but it’s still pretty adorable.

  4. Beach Mixed Stripe Maxi Dress
    I’m too busty for something with spaghetti straps, but I’m awfully fond of the neckline on this maxi dress. The colorblocked stripes are nice, too.

  5. Attesa Empire Kimono Dress
    It’s nice to have one gorgeous maternity dress for dates and special occasions.

  6. MAMA V-neck Blouse
    A pretty peachy color, sweet detail on the hem, and a flattering neckline and sleeve length. Perfect.

  7. The Pixie Maternity Ankle Pants
    These are the best pants! Cheap, cute, and comfortable, and in a trendy ankle length.

  8. 3/4-Sleeve Top
    I can’t get enough of simple, silky shirts these days, and this green is a great color.

  9. 3/4-Sleeve Shift Dress
    More casual than the other dress, this is a cute everyday option (especially over leggings and with a statement necklace).

  10. The Pixie Maternity Printed Skinny Ankle Pants
    The same as the black pants, but a slightly skinnier cut, and in a great pattern. I have both pants, but these are the ones I’m wearing more often.

  11. Bombshell Maternity T Shirt
    I love this cheeky shirt, but I think the medium wouldn’t fit for too much longer (larger sizes are sold out). Bummer.

I show early and my first two babies were both big, so I’m always a little jealous of the ladies who can get away with wearing their normal clothes, just a little lower or unbuttoned. I have a lot of what I need already, but I was glad to pick up those two pants, and I’ll probably grab a couple of those shirts above and maybe the shift dress too. What about you? Do you stretch (literally) what you’ve got for as long as you can, go out and buy a whole new maternity wardrobe, or somewhere in between?

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