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My Summer Uniform

A loose, easy dress, comfy shoes, a roomy tote, and sunglasses: that’s my standard summer look. Throw in a little color via nail polish and small accessories, and some amazing earrings, and done. Easy, but pulled together.

Making it Lovely's Summer Uniform

I bought those shoes last week, and while they’re a little old lady-ish, I love them. I’ll be wearing them nonstop now through fall. I go in cycles where I buy a lot for my wardrobe, and then I buy nothing for months (hence the lack of style posts lately). I’m kinda thinking I should get that dress and earrings now though. Aren’t they fantastic? Not the cheapest, but I can see them becoming a couple of go-to favorites.

Sailaway Circle Skirt

This is why I’m not a model.

Nicole Balch

Sailaway Circle SkirtThat skirt though? That’s the reason I posted the photo (another by Arnold Klein).

It’s on sale, about half off, and it’s amazing. It pairs well with a simple top, tucked in, and with heels (in brown, red, camel, black, whatever). Definitely my new favorite thing to wear.

Simple Top and Heels

Short Hair!

Short Hair!

I chopped off all of my hair last week. I’d been considering it, but I hadn’t really decided until I just went for it. Susan at Sparrow did an awesome job.

Also, it appears I was channeling August. We wore the same foxy sweater that day — Brandon chose it for him while getting him dressed, not knowing I was going to wear mine. Then I went and got a little boy’s haircut. His haircut. Twinsies! I am not sure how I feel about that, but I guess we’re pretty cute together.


Also, looking at these pictures, I’m realizing that maybe I should be tucking the little ends behind my ears. (And probably also showering before taking and posting giant pictures of myself, but whatevs!)

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