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Style: Pink. Always.

Brought to you by Motorola Moto X: Thousands of combinations. Design yours.

I always return to pink.

I wrote, a couple of weeks ago, about needing a new winter coat. I did consider tailoring my old coat so that it would fit again, but the proportion of the pockets and lapels would look wrong on me now. So I ordered the pink coat I’d featured and even though it’s not my usual favorite shape, I love it! I suspect the color may be clouding my vision — my rose-colored vision — but I’m fine with that.

Motorola has just come out with the Moto X, which can be customized in 2000+ ways to match your unique style. So what color did I choose to inspire me as I put together a style post? If you didn’t shout PINK!, you must be new here. Hello!

Style: Blushing Pink

  1. Pink/Gold Triangle Earrings, Hive & Honey
    On sale, so go grab ‘em quick!

  2. Layer Cake Glasses, Rivet & Sway
    Perhaps the cutest glasses ever.

  3. Merino Tippi Sweater, J. Crew
    This is the sweater style I wore when I interviewed Martha Stewart, and I shall henceforth call it The Martha Sweater.

  4. Samira Wool Calf Hair Coat, Club Monaco
    Pale pink wool, with matching pink leather details.

  5. Ultra Skinny Pants, Gap
    These pants are the best! I have them in black, and in this bright red.

  6. Hamilton Heights Sloan, Kate Spade
    Ladylike pretty.

  7. Reese Brogues, Anthropologie
    I got very excited when I saw these, which is kind of a silly thing to say about shoes.

  8. Moto X, Motorola
    The perfect pink, with red for some kapow.

Someone noted that I seem to be wearing pants a lot more lately, which is true. I still rock a skirt or a dress pretty often, but now instead of only breaking out the pants a handful of times per year, it’s a more even mix. Pink though, is still ever-present in my wardrobe. Do you have a color that you always return to like that?

Madewell’s Oakbrook Anniversary Event

We had macaroons and lavender-infused lemonade at the Oakbrook Madewell last Thursday, and spent the evening celebrating the store’s one-year anniversary. I was a special guest of the store, and I had a lot of fun dressing up the mannequins in my favorite looks.

Madewell Looks

Look #1: Dotted ScarfLinebreak DressEveryday Clutch • I restrained myself from adding this dotted umbrella to the mix
Look #2: Silk Drop-Waist DressJournal CardiganArrowstack NecklaceCamden Tote • Bug Scarf (in store)
Look #3: Heartdot BoyshirtSoftstripe SweaterDrifter ShadesSkinny Skinny Ankle-Zip JeansThe Kensington Satchel

Madewell Look #3

Madewell Details

Madewell Look #2

Oh, man. Dressing up those mannequins was fun. HEY… future style post opportunity! (Just kidding. I won’t do that to you.)

I also pulled a rack of my favorites. You know, what I wish would magically appear in my closet.

Nicole Balch's Madewell Favorites

And I have a new favorite pair of jeans! Skinny, ankle-length, without the low-rise fit, and super-flattering. YES. Madewell just redesigned all of their denim so that it doesn’t stretch out or bag, and the store let me choose a pair a couple of weeks ago to wear to the event. (Everything else you see me wearing was mine, except for the bag which I carried around the store with the tags on, like a weirdo.) I’ve been wearing those jeans a lot lately, and they still fit like new, so A+.

Nicole Balch

My outfit: Black and White Shirt (similar) • Leafstitch SweaterHigh Riser Skinny Skinny Ankle JeansFrankie Suede PumpMallory Glasses • Hexagon Earrings (similar, but smaller) • Braided Friendship Bracelet • On the Dot Scatter Bracelet (seen here) • Botanical Rose iPhone Case • Crossbody Bag (in store)

Thank you to Madewell for having me, and a big thank you to all who came out for the event!

Style: Over it All

I’m in need of a new winter coat. I bought a fantastic one way back in 2003 by DKNY that I still love: military styling, to the knee, double-breasted eggplant wool with fuchsia lining, buttons, and contrast stitching. It was crazy-expensive to me, especially since until that coat, I had always bought cheap ones at places like Target, Old Navy, NY&Co, or The Limited. But when I was buying a new coat every year because they pilled and fell apart, they no longer seemed like such a bargain. I think I spent $475 on that eggplant coat, but considering I’ve worn it every year for a decade, that’s not so bad.

It’s a size 14 though, which is too big for me now. It was too big last year too, but I didn’t want to buy an nice replacement when I wasn’t sure if my weight loss would continue. (Nope! Size 8/10, looks like you’re here to stay.) I bought a smaller cheap coat last winter, and guess what? The wool is pilling, the shoulders don’t lie right, and it’s missing two buttons. Time to buy something of better quality.

I know what shapes tend to suit me, and I usually choose something with a little definition in the waist. I love coats like this or this, but I have a tummy and a booty; if a coat doesn’t nip in at the small of my back, I look huge. (Unless it’s a cape! Then I just look awesome.)

These are some of the coats I’m considering. Do you have any others you’d recommend? Certain brands that have held up exceedingly well for you?


  1. Eryn Coat, Kate Spade

  2. Long Peacoat, Navy — Emerson Fry

  3. Double-Cloth Tipped Coat, J. Crew

  4. Stella Coat with Haircalf Collar, Club Monaco at Shopbop

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