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Favorite Fragrances

It started with Love’s Baby Soft in my pre-teen years. I didn’t wear it much, but I liked having the bottle on my dresser. Then CK One came out in 1994, and that is when I started wearing perfume regularly. I liked that it was androgynous, but then it was followed by some questionable fragrances in my later teens and early twenties from Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, and Gap. (I remember really liking one simply called “Grass.” What?)

It took a lot of experimenting over the years, but I know what I like now. Amber and sandalwood are favorites. I also like patchoulli and oud, though I didn’t think I did for a long time. And then on another note, I like rose.

Favorite Fragrances #makingitlovely

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle was one that I wore a lot until a few years ago, but Stella, by Stella McCartney edged it out of my rotation. I also love Prada’s Amber scent, though it’s pretty heavy and reserved for fall and winter, only on occasion. With spring arriving, I’ll be back to L’Eau de Chloé, and I might add Elizabeth and James’ Nirvana Black to my small collection. (I’d been using a tester since I had included it in my last style post, but I’m not sure I like the vanilla in there.)

Sometimes I delve into the perfume blogs and forums, and it’s intriguing, but they speak another language. The Perfect Scent by Chandler Burr was fascinating. I’m certain that there are some amazing fragrances out there that I’m missing, because I don’t know which avenues to explore (and testing them out in the store always feels overwhelming to me). Do you have any favorites that you’d recommend?

Style: White Plus Gold

I am so ready to wear something besides boots and four million layers to go outside every day. It’s almost March, which for Chicago means what, two more months of snow to go? Come on, spring!

Style: White Plus Gold #makingitlovely

  1. Kitty Glasses, Lookmatic
    Cat’s eye frames meet a mod round shape. And such a good color! Meow.

  2. Elizabeth and James, Nirvana White, Sephora
    I was skeptical, but both scents are pretty fantastic. Here’s an interesting fragrance review.

  3. Elizabeth and James, Nirvana Black, Sephora
    Ditto, above.

  4. Charming Charm Bracelet, Kate Spade
    I just always love these.

  5. Double Wooden Ring, Moorea Seal
    A little wood to break up all the shiny and sleek.

  6. Beige Tights, Anthropologie
    These are the most comfortable tights. If beige isn’t your color (and I don’t blame you!), they have others. I have to say though, I bought a pair of opaque beige tights last year, worried that they’d be weird, and I love ‘em.

  7. Pointy Flats with Gold Ankle Strap, Zara
    The little flash of gold here is so, so good.

  8. Basic Tote, Baggu
    A basic tote made less so by being made of gold.

  9. Labworks Stripe Shift Dress, Target
    This dress looks short! It would be equally cute over leggings and boots, but I couldn’t bring myself to still be looking at boots this time of year.

Style: My Everyday Look

This is my go-to look these days. My favorite cropped skinny pants (they’re on sale, 35% off today), a silk (er, polyester) top, and a cardigan if I get cold. Short, boyish hair, boyish shoes, and big glasses, offset by some serious jewelry and simple but feminine makeup. I’ll probably be packing some variation on this for Alt Summit next week, but I’m undecided about what to wear on my panel. It’s about dealing with negativity, so should probably wear something wildly unflattering on me that will be sure to have people guessing when a pregnancy announcement will be imminent! So… short bodycon dress, yes? Something with a peplum?

Style: January 2014, Making it Lovely

  1. Ultra Skinny Stretch Pants, Gap
    I’ve linked to these before, but that’s because I love them and wear mine often. I’d hate to send you over to a similar looking pair from somewhere else, for variety’s sake, only to find out that they’re terrible!

  2. Plus One Glasses in Maraschino Cherry, Rivet & Sway
    Those mottled tortoiseshell glasses always get me.

  3. Pavé Arrowtip Ring, Madewell
    A little something to work with that bananas necklace.

  4. Ursa Necklace, Loren Hope
    BAM. Now that’s a necklace.

  5. The Kensington Satchel, Madewell
    I carried this around the store with me when I did an event there. It’s the perfect size and shape.

  6. Fidji L061 Shoes, Zappos
    Smart, boyish oxfords, how I do love thee.

  7. Pim + Larkin Bow Sleeve Blouse in Ballet Pink, Piperlime
    Inexpensive little tops like these are a staple of mine. They dress up nicely, tucked into a high-waisted pencil skirt, too!

  8. Charter School Cardigan in Gold, ModCloth
    One of my favorite colors to wear. (Maybe because it nearly matches my eyes?)

  9. Écriture de Chanel Automatic Liquid Eyeliner, Nordstrom
    The best liquid liner.

  10. Benefit — They’re Real! Mascara, Sephora
    I tried this on the advice of some mascara-loving friends, and yeah. It’s awesome.

  11. KORRES Pomegranate Lip Butter, Sephora
    Sheer, but still colorful, and good for your lips. Less intense than a full-on lipstick.

p.s. I’m trying something new here. My affiliate program has a ‘shop the post’ widget that I’m embedding below. I included an alternative pair of shoes and another bag that almost made the post. Helpful?

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