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Make it Holiday Ready

Points for Presents

Make it Cozy

I love that fur throws make a comeback every year as the temperatures dip and the holidays approach. It doesn’t have to be real to be chic, and I’d love to cozy up on the couch under a soft faux-fur throw with a stack of holiday decorating magazines to read.

Make it Stylish

We have more drop-in visitors to the house throughout the holiday season, so it’s nice to have the house looking its best (even if we haven’t completely settled in and unpacked our millions of boxes of books yet). Little touches, like adding a crazy wire fruit bowl or a basket abstracted from squares go a long way, and both would look festive sitting out on the counter or at the center of the table. They could be part of the decorating too, if you fill them with ornaments and other pretty holiday baubles.

Make it Inviting

I’ve only recently started to like coffee, so now I love the idea of being able to make and serve up coffee shop drinks from home. What better to offer your guests with a slice of pie for dessert, right? (Just don’t ask us to bake said pie. Or oven’s temperature is very much a guessing game.)

It’s pretty appealing to stay in and make a nice drink for curling up with those aforementioned magazines under the cozy throw, too. And a little caramel pecan bark within reach wouldn’t hurt.

I was selected by American Express as part of their #PassionProject program to help educate consumers about how to use Membership Rewards points. As such I was paid for my services, but all gift choices selected and opinions about the gifts and American Express are my own.

Crafty Like a Fox Party Theme

This is the third and final baby shower theme I created for a Huggies Pinterest campaign. It’s also my favorite and the most ‘me’ of the bunch. Because I’m so foxy.

Crafty Like a Fox Party

Kidding! I do love the color scheme though, all based around a floral tablecloth by Rifle Paper Co. for BHLDN. This is the tablecloth I’d considered chopping up for kitchen curtains. I’m so glad I didn’t, because now I’ll be able to take it with us and use it in our next house. (As a tablecloth, not curtains! Imagine that.)

Foxy Baby Shower Table Settings and Decorations

Pink Party Decorations

Again, these were shot in Tyllie Barbosa’s Chicago studio. And again, my sister-in-law, Portia, assisted me on set. We had the food styling down by this point.

Foxy Baby Shower Brunch

Fox Baby Shower Brunch

Fox Baby Shower Brunch

There was a dessert table, too. I made the little bunting flags over the cake, but the cake itself was an off-the-shelf coconut cake from the grocery store.

Baby Shower Dessert Table

This is a baby shower theme, so I originally pitched this as “Foxy Mama.” That is apparently too racy? Thus the theme became “Crafty Like a Fox” instead. Naturally, I had to setup a craft station.

Craft Station Table

And speaking of crafty, another diaper cake. Never did I suspect I’d make a diaper cake in my life, but here’s my third one. I daresay this is something I’m actually good at! Adding it to the resumé.

Foxy Baby Shower Diaper Cake

My creation graced the gift table. The framed tree print you see here was borrowed from Binth for the shoot. They had a beautiful family tree version in their store with calligraphy, but I wasn’t sure how that would fly for photo shoot releases so I used the plain version. The cards on the table are by Binth as well.

Baby Shower Gift Table

Baby Shower Gifts

There are more photos of the Crafty Like a Fox baby shower theme on Pinterest, and you can see the other two shower themes I designed and styled for this campaign here and here. This was my favorite, but which was yours?

Welcome to the World Baby Shower

This was the second of three baby shower themes I created for a Huggies Pinterest campaign. Welcome to the World, Baby!

Welcome to the World Baby Shower

I liked the invitations that I designed for this one a lot. They were based on the look of a topological map.

Welcome to the World Baby Shower Invitations

Brandon’s sister, Portia, assisted me again on the day of the shoot. The baby onesies on a clothes line is one of her tried-and-true baby shower decorations. Portia and I were a lot better at the whole food styling thing the second time around.

Buffet for a Party or Baby Shower

Party Buffet Setup

Cheese Plate

All photography was done by Tyllie Barbosa in her studio again. Here’s the sweets table. (Those salted caramels were from Trader Joe’s, and now I want some.)

Welcome to the World Baby Shower Sweets Table



Another diaper cake masterpiece, if I do say so myself. We also filled a vintage baby carriage with diapers, because why not? (That may have been a strange choice on my part.)

Huggies Diaper Cake

Diapers as Gifts for New Parents

Please take a moment to admire the decoupage here, because that was Brandon’s contribution. I was scrambling to get everything done, and he helped out with covering BABY kraft letters with vintage map wrapping paper and Mod Podge.

Decoupaged Kraft Letters

Also, I want to thank Yearbook. They’re one of my favorite local shops, and they let me borrow the amazing vintage globes you see throughout the photos for the shoot.

Welcome to the World, Baby

You can find more images from the Welcome to the World Baby Shower on Pinterest. The Comic Book Baby Shower can be seen here, and I’ll be sharing photos from the last of my three themes soon.

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