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Which Chandelier for Eleanor’s Room?

The dark blue walls and ceiling in Eleanor’s room look great, but the room definitely needs more light. The fixture hanging in there now only houses one bulb. She has a bedside lamp, one on her bookshelf, and a rabbit light on her dresser, but she’s a kid. She walks in and flips the light switch — she doesn’t look around and think “ooh, some ambient lighting over in the corner would really add to the space!” So I’ve been looking for a nice chandelier for her with more light output. Ideally, I would have liked it to be either brass or a fun color, and I’ve found plenty of fixtures that I like. But I have expensive taste in lighting, and some of my favorites were thousands of dollars. Thus, two bronze options from West Elm, both bought during their 20% off lighting sale.

West Elm Industrial and Mobile Chandeliers

When I ordered them, the Mobile Chandelier was on backorder, supposedly until May. I bought the Industrial Chandelier at the same time, figuring that it might look OK and that I wouldn’t have to wait six months for a light. They both shipped out right away though, and I’m not sure which one would be better in E’s room.

West Elm Mobile Chandelier

West Elm Industrial Chandelier

They both take on different looks, depending on which bulbs you pair with them (they don’t come with any). I had that frosted white globe in August’s sconce, and I think I like the look of it for E’s fixtures more than I would an Edison bulb, but smaller round bulbs could be cute too. And I would love to add some detail to whichever light I choose by adding brass tape* around each socket, but Kathryn wisely cautioned me to see how hot they get first.

What do you think?

* Or maybe gold adhesive vinyl? It hasn’t arrived yet, but I ordered some for Eleanor’s starry ceiling since a few comments mentioned some potential issues with covering painted stars later.

Glass Orb Chandelier

We’re leaving all of our light fixtures in the house when we move, other than the Edison chandelier that I swapped out, so I’ve been paying attention and looking for possible new lights for our next place.

Most of the houses on the Wright Plus Housewalk that I toured recently were decorated traditionally, but there were a couple of exceptions. One was the Frank H. Keefer House designed by E. E. Roberts in 1906. There was no interior photography allowed on the tour, but there was a gorgeous lighting fixture in the dining room, which is visible from the exterior.

The Frank H. Keefer House, Oak Park, by E. E. Roberts, 1906

I liked that mix of old and new, and that light was a major component in the look of the home. I assumed it was a super-expensive fixture, but then I spotted this glass orb chandelier from west elm. It’s not cheap, but it isn’t the thousands of dollars I assumed it would be.

Glass Orb Chandelier

Glass Orb Chandelier

In the right dining room, this would look fantastic. It’s on backorder right now, which is fine since I wouldn’t be ordering it yet anyway. It’s hard to find good-looking inexpensive lights sometimes, so I’ll be keeping it in mind!

Kitchen Lighting Options

The ceiling in the kitchen is 7’10″ high. The light that’s in the room now has three fluorescent bulbs, hangs down 10″, and has a 15″ diameter. It’s the right size and has the right light output, but I never did like it all that much. Now that the kitchen has been updated a bit, I want to replace the semi-flush mount fixture with something prettier, but not lose too much light or headroom. Argh, I feel like I’ve been here before.

Lighting I Really Really Want to Work in the Kitchen

Kitchen Lighting Options from Making it Lovely (Love these!)

  1. Factory Satellite 3
    I don’t know if it would look funny hugging the ceiling, and I worry that the shades will block too much of the ambient light that we currently have bouncing off of the ceiling. Also, Edison bulbs look great but I would replace them with fluorescent bulbs for practicality, and even the round ones may throw the look off a little.

  2. Bluff City Pendant, Large, Mint/Red
    It’s supposed to be a pendant, not a flush-mount fixture. It’s slightly too tall (13″), and I’m not sure it would provide enough light. But I love it. I would happily save up for this one.

Somebody please tell me that one of those two will suit my needs perfectly and we will be happy forever and ever. Except don’t if it isn’t true. I mustn’t allow my infatuation to get the best of me.

Here, we have some more options.

Lights I Like a Lot but Know Won’t Work and are Therefore Easier to Resist

Kitchen Lighting Options

  1. Artimede Nur Mini Ceiling Light
    The “mini” version is still fairly large, and it’s a good size for our kitchen, but it focuses light downward and wouldn’t provide enough general illumination.

  2. IKEA 365+ Brasa Black Pendant Lamp
    This looks much more expensive than it is, but again, it directs light downward. And it’s another pendant that I’m trying to force into a semi-flush mount, and that’s probably silly.

  3. FLOS Glo-Ball C Ceiling Light
    If you haven’t seen this one in person, you’re probably thinking this is a really simple light with a really high price tag. I assure you it is organic and special and beautiful, and yes, the price tag is still high. I don’t love it enough to spend that much, and it only holds one bulb anyway.

  4. FLOS Smithfield Ceiling Lamp
    I adore the shape, and there is even a 3-bulb option. Alas, it is directional, downward light.

I used a fancy-ish html trick to continuously label those bullet points with a break between the ordered lists, so hopefully the numbers correspond. If not, may the powers of deduction and common sense be your friend.

Moving on! This next collection has another catchy name.

Lighting That Will Work Just Fine but That I am Less Excited About Overall

Flush-Mount Kitchen Lighting Options

  1. Robert Abbey Antique Nickel Ceiling Light
    Cute. But is it too cute? Also, the shade is fabric and I wish it wasn’t.

  2. Black Horizontal Stripe Nickel Wide Ceiling Light
    Black and white stripes would look good in the kitchen! But on the light? Dunno. And it’s fabric again.

  3. 3-Bulb Semi-Flush Light
    This is the stupid light we already have. It is passable. It’s biggest selling point is that it’s already in the room (no work, no money spent).

Can you tell I don’t have as much enthusiasm for this last set? There’s also this collection of flush mount lighting to look at from when I did my big ceiling light guide last year, and my whole lighting board on Pinterest.

What do you think? I’m tempted to try one of the first two out, and then Swiss cheese my ceiling to bits with recessed lighting. Kidding (sort of).

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