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A Fall/Winter Holiday Table

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Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away, and then we’ll be looking forward to Christmas! To get in the spirit of the season, I set a festive fall/winter holiday table with items I already had on hand mixed in with some new finds from Target.

Holiday Table

I wanted to work with gold and silver for most of the decor, but a red runner made a colorful base for everything else to play off of. I love the way the polka dot fabric napkins look with it!

Polka Dot Napkins

Holiday Dining Table

I added candlesticks in two heights, and then picked up several sizes of silver frosted mason jars. I used the smallest jars to hold tealights as intended, but instead of putting candles in the others, I used the larger ones as flower vases.

Holiday Table Setting

The table was set with our everyday silverware and classic white plates. So many of us have those standards on hand, but they felt more special with gold chargers at each seat.

Holiday Dining Table

The centerpieces were fun to arrange. I think that white ‘flower’ is in the cabbage family. Plus berries! I always go for the berries this time of year.


Holiday Table

All together, the mix of metallics and the candlelight feel perfect for special occasions. I’m looking forward to using the decorations throughout the year for other dinners and holidays, too!

New Lights, and New Favorites

There are three existing lights in the hallway: the one that you can see below, hanging down (which is cute and has a round glass shade), and two others that don’t match. Now that the hall construction is complete and the walls have been painted, I want all three lights to be identical for continuity. I was looking for flush mount fixtures in brass to match the metal finishes throughout the Victorian, in a small scale, and in a classic style. I wanted something that looked good, but nothing that was too much of an in-your-face statement piece (hallways are utilitarian spaces — they don’t exactly need chandeliers!). I’ve been a fan of Schoolhouse Electric’s fixtures for ages, so when they offered to provide lighting, I chose three Newberry 4″ pendant fixtures in brass and these white glass shades. They arrived a couple of days ago, and they’re going to look fantastic.

The New Lighting for the Hallway

(Oof, that belly. Almost done!)

We’re rewiring the house soon and getting rid of the old BX, along with any hidden knob and tube that’s still active (oh, the joys of old houses!), so we’ll have new fixtures installed then. We’re also having all of the switches on the first and second floors changed out for new push-button switches at the same time. There are a few original ones left in the house, and I love them! I’m so excited that all of the switches are going to match.

OK, and I have to share the new collection that Schoolhouse Electric just released this week. We’d been emailing back and forth about the lights, and they gave me a sneak peek at everything… and whoa. Way more exciting than finishing up a hallway! First of all, this bedroom is perfection. You know I love a good Jenny Lind bed, and a good floral.

Schoolhouse Electric Bedroom, Fall 2014

My favorites from the new line are below. I want to put a room together around all of these pieces! Can’t you just see it? So awesome when a collection leaves you feeling inspired.

Favorites from Schoolhouse Electric, Fall 2014

  1. Brass Planters

  2. Flowering Confetti — His — Silhouette Framed Art

  3. Flowering Confetti — Hers — Silhouette Framed Art

  4. Wayne Pate Bouquet Framed Art

  5. Fuller Pendant — White Glass

  6. Charcoal Stripe Linen Duvet

  7. Ceramic Bud Vase

  8. Woodland Meadow Sheet Set

  9. Library Ladder

  10. Lenox Bench — Canyon Coral

Renegade Craft Fair, Chicago 2014

Renegade Craft Fair took place in Chicago again the weekend before last. I think I first had a booth in the show for my stationery shop back in 2006, and it was a huge part of my business for years. Even after no longer exhibiting, Brandon and I have been back just about every year (we bring the kids with), and its interesting to see how it has changed and grown. Here are some of my favorites from the 2014 Chicago show!

• Wire art and prints by Tammy Smith
Renegade Craft Fair, Chicago 2014: Tammi Smith

• Awesome cards by The Detroit Card Co.
Renegade Craft Fair, Chicago 2014: The Detroit Card Co.

• Handmade paper flowers by Moon Flora
Renegade Craft Fair, Chicago 2014: Moon Flora

• Wooden toys by A Summer Afternoon
Renegade Craft Fair, Chicago 2014: A Summer Afternoon

• Brass and crystal jewelry by Lindsay Lewis
Renegade Craft Fair, Chicago 2014: Lindsay Lewis

• Sweet little bowls by Toast Ceramics
Renegade Craft Fair, Chicago 2014: Toast Ceramics

• Cute wooden art by Jodi Lynn Doodles
Renegade Craft Fair, Chicago 2014: Jodi Lynn Doodles

• Plush monsters by Mr. Sogs Creatures
Renegade Craft Fair, Chicago 2014: Mr. Sogs Creatures

• New paintings by Dolan Geiman
Renegade Craft Fair, Chicago 2014: Dolan Geiman

• Colorful felt faux-taxidermy by Horrible Adorables
Renegade Craft Fair, Chicago 2014: Horrible Adorables

• Bizarre collage mash-ups by Unusual Cards
Renegade Craft Fair, Chicago 2014: Unusual Cards

• Geometric brass jewelry by Son of a Sailor
Renegade Craft Fair, Chicago 2014: Son of a Sailor

• Customizable shoes by Mohop
Renegade Craft Fair, Chicago 2014: Mohop

• Pillows and tea towels by Yao Cheng
Renegade Craft Fair, Chicago 2014: Yao Cheng

• Lovely prints by The Bungaloo
Renegade Craft Fair, Chicago 2014: The Bungaloo

• Dioramas by Red Belly
Renegade Craft Fair, Chicago 2014: Red Belly

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