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The Best Pink Lighting

I bought a pair of pale pink ceramic lamps a decade ago. I loved them, and then one of my kids pushed one off a table two years ago in an act of defiance (he was shocked that it broke — what was he expecting?). I’m down to one now, but I still love it.

More recently, I bought and installed my pink tassel sconces in the library. They are amazing in part because of the shape, but also largely because they are the perfect shade of pink. The color makes everything better, I’m convinced of it.

If you’re looking to bring the perfect pink lighting fixture into your home, might I suggest these?

The Best Pink Lighting: Sconces, Pendants, Chandeliers, and Lamps in a Rosy Hue | Making it Lovely

  1. Vintage Bell Clip Light Hanging Lamp, Earth Sea Warrior, Etsy
    Only one! Everything about it is delightful, down to the pink cord.

  2. Glass Carafe Pendant, Anthropologie
    A modern shape with the added detail of tiny bubbles in the glass.

  3. Laura B Sconce, Stray Dog Designs
    Happy little berries and asymmetry in a surprisingly large scale.

  4. Currey and Company Flamingo Chandelier, Candelabra
    Ombré beading in various shades of pink, done up in an empire silhouette.

  5. Elsie Table Lamp, Kate Spade
    Simple geometry, refined to a delicate, feminine form.

  6. Pink Glass Jug Pendant, ABC Home
    Two sizes to choose from, both in gorgeously thick pink glass (though other colors are available too).

  7. The Tassel Sconce, Coleen and Company
    Best sconce ever. Not that I’m biased.

  8. Robert Abbey Delta Schiaparelli Pink Lamp, Lamps Plus
    These faceted lamps come in a ton of colors, but the hot pink is so fun.

  9. Totem I by Lindsey Adelman, The Future Perfect
    A work of art.

  10. Pharos Collection Pendant, Niche Modern
    Plenty of shapes and colors to choose from, and they look amazing in groups.

  11. Bebe Chandelier, Marjorie Skouras Design
    Slices of agate!

  12. Alphabeta Pendant, Archiproducts
    Part of a customizable system with “10 billion possible combinations.”

  13. The Tole Tent Semi Flush, Coleen and Company
    A lot of charming detail in a style of lighting (semi flush mounts) that is often lacking.

  14. Ezra Blown Glass Pendant Light, Urban Outfitters
    You could choose clear too, but why?

  15. Tea Caddy Lamp, Furbish
    Updated Chinoiserie.

  16. Vintage Pink Porcelain Bathroom Sconces, City Lights Antique Lighting, Etsy
    A rare find in pink.

  17. Serena Chandelier, Stray Dog Designs
    A mid-century Palm Springs vibe.

  18. Candace Coral Table Lamp, Layla Grayce
    A lovely drop shape in an equally lovely shade of coral.

  19. Token Pink Geo Pendant, ABC Home
    Mouth-blown recycled glass, and a rainbow cord.

  20. Sally Pendant, Stray Dog Designs
    Pure fun and whimsy that calls to mind a Seuss asthetic.

  21. Juliette Rose Table Lamp, One Kings Lane
    Great shape, and the gold band details are a nice touch.

  22. Painted Loa Sconce in Blush and Brass, Sazerac Stitches, Etsy
    A modern sconce in a sweet color.

New Lighting in the Library

The tassel sconces are here! I feel like they’re a love ’em or hate ’em kind of choice, and I don’t care because I happen to love ’em.

Pink and Brass Tassel Sconce

New pendants, too!

New Lights in the Double Parlor

I had always intended to replace the pair of Victorian cranberry glass fixtures in the double parlor. They weren’t awful, but I prefer modern lighting to period in old homes. I let the lights fall on my priority list, but two years in, it was time for them to go.

I showed you some of the replacements I had been considering a few weeks ago. The library and living room are open to each other and I wanted their lighting to still match, but I think I was getting a little carried away with some of my options! I was looking at definite statement lights, but once I decided to order the tassel sconces it would have all been too much. The Modern Globe Pendant from Circa Lighting was still a contender, but pricey at $2100 — especially considering that I needed two. A reader recommended Restoration Hardware’s Circa 1900 Gaslight Pendant as an alternative, and I’d also been thinking about Rejuvenation’s Hood Classic Globe Pendant.

Globe Pendant Lighting

The Gaslight and Hood Pendants both come in several sizes and finishes, and depending on configuration, are only about 1/4 the cost of the Modern Globe. I was leaning toward a pair of Hood Pendants because I had seen and admired them in person at Yearbook. I knew Kim had one in her dining room too, so I asked her opinion about size since my space was similar in scale to hers. She said that her 14″ globe felt substantial, and also that she “read somewhere online once – a tip on a blog – that hanging a balloon in the right size can help you visualize. I always thought that was such a great idea!” And it is! After talking to her, adjusting my mockups, and yes, hanging something in the right size, I went with the 14″ opal globe shade and ordered a 42″ fixture in unlacquered polished brass.

I hung the new lights right away when they arrived.

Changing out a Lighting Fixture

Hanging a New Lighting Fixture

Replacing the Old Lights

Why did I wait so long? The size is great, the style complements everything without distracting, and they fit the home while still updating it. The brass will age naturally, though I like the shiny newness too.

New Lighting in the Library

Philips sent over a package with their new LED bulbs with a dimmable warm glow effect, so I was excited to try them out with the library’s new lights. The color temperature is similar to daylight when the lights are all the way on (which is my preference when I need bright lighting), but these are amazing because they get warmer as you dim them, looking more like traditional incandescent bulbs as the lights go down. So when we’re Eleanor’s doing her homework at the table or I’m doing an art project with the kids, we have brighter, cooler light to work by. Then when we have friends over and we’re relaxing, we can lower the lights to a warmer glow and the library feels more cozy.

Philips' LED Bulbs Warm When Dimmed

The Hood Pendants are open at the top and I tried two different styles of Philips’ bulbs — same lumens and color temperature range, but one was clear and the other frosted. The clear one gave off a more crisp, defined light, but I preferred the softness of the frosted bulbs for general lighting. Clear bulbs are better suited to task lighting, and I put them in the floor lamp by the striped sofa.

Clear vs. Frosted Light Bulb

The Double Parlor at Night

I love, love, love the new lighting. Such an improvement!

Brass Globe Pendant and Tassel Sconces

New Lighting in the Library and Living Room (Double Parlor)

Pretty Packages: DIY Laurel Leaf Gift Tags

Christmas presents go under the tree as soon as we can get around to wrapping them, so they become part of the decorations for a couple of weeks. I like to change things up each year with the wrapping and gift tags, and the kids help now that they’re old enough. I came up with these laurel leaf gift tags because they’re easy to make (important with kids, or when you’re going to make a lot of them and don’t want it to take forever), but they still look cute. Bonus: they lie flat, so they don’t get squished by the other presents.

DIY Laurel Leaf Gift Tags (Pretty Packages)


Kraft Paper Key TagsCard Stock (in two shades of green) • Green Brush MarkerMetallic MarkerGlue Pen1/8″ Hole PunchGreen Satin Ribbon


Start with kraft paper key tags as the base of your gift tags. Cut simple leaves out of card stock in two shades of green, then drew a leaf vein down the center of each with a green brush pen or marker. Line up two leaves with the top of each tag, punch a small hole, then use a to assemble. Metallic markers show up nicely against kraft paper and catch the light, and green satin ribbon on each present ties in with the tags’ laurel leaves.

DIY Laurel Leaf Gift Tags Supplies

More Ideas and Inspiration

Looking for some other ways to wrap things up this year? Visit the following blogs for more ideas, and check out the hashtag #prettypackage (and feel free to join in and share your own, too)!

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Pretty Packages!

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