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Comic Book Baby Shower Theme

Comic Book Baby Shower Theme

I styled three baby shower themes awhile back for a Huggies Pinterest campaign. I was the lone blogger among seasoned stylists and wedding/party planners, and when I learned who I’d be working alongside, I’ll admit I was nervous! I always jump at the opportunities this blog has presented though, and in doing so I’ve adopted Picasso’s motto as my own: “I am always doing that which I can not do in order that I may learn how to do it.”

Comic Book Theme Baby Shower Invitations

I came up with three themes (comic book, world travel, foxes), and was then tasked with sourcing or creating everything to go along with each of them them. Invitations, food, flowers, desserts, furniture, decorations, shower games/activities, and a diaper cake. All times three.

Comic Book Baby Shower Candy Sweets Table

Comic Book Baby Shower Desserts

Comic Book Baby Shower Theme - Sweets Table

It was a big production and the showers were created from scratch in a Tyllie Barbosa’s Chicago photography studio. The walls you see are fakes (two big freestanding panels that I painted the morning of the shoot, Antiquan Blue), and you can assume that any surface you see covered by fabric is a pretty plain-looking tabletop propped up on sawhorses. Photography magic!

Comic Book Theme Baby Shower Food

I acted as planner and stylist, but Brandon’s sister, Portia, helped me as my assistant during the shoots. That’s her handiwork on the speech bubble signs, among other things. She also helped a lot with the food, which is my weak point in party planning. I put in 12+ hour days for each shoot, not to mention all of the prep work that went into them beforehand, and it would have been crazy to go it alone. Big ups to Portia for being there for me.

Comic Book Theme Baby Shower Activities

Comic Book Theme Baby Shower Gift Table

Fun fact: I used this wrapping paper with illustrated heroes and villains all over the place. And it was adorable! And then, after we’d set everything up and taken nearly every shot, we found out that we couldn’t use it! The only place you’ll still see it is on the diaper cake, and even there, I covered most of it with a wide ribbon. (By the way, guess who’s a diaper cake making pro? Who knew I had this skill in me?)

Cute Diaper Cake

You can find more images from the Comic Book Baby Shower on Pinterest, and I’ll be sharing photos from the other two themes I’ve created over the next couple of days.

Eleanor Tenenbaum

E was with me a few days ago at the Chicago Kate Spade store, where they have Scalamandré zebra wallpaper in the bathroom. She loved it, and said that we should have it in our new house, so I asked if I could take her picture in front of it.


Nice pose, kid. Where have I seen… wait a minute.

Scalamandre Zebra Wallpaper in Royal Tenenbaums


But she may be onto something. I mean, this is some seriously fantastic wallpaper, right? I put together a collection of my favorite bathrooms and powder rooms using the pattern (in red, and in other colorways too). Something to think about for the new house.

Glass Orb Chandelier

We’re leaving all of our light fixtures in the house when we move, other than the Edison chandelier that I swapped out, so I’ve been paying attention and looking for possible new lights for our next place.

Most of the houses on the Wright Plus Housewalk that I toured recently were decorated traditionally, but there were a couple of exceptions. One was the Frank H. Keefer House designed by E. E. Roberts in 1906. There was no interior photography allowed on the tour, but there was a gorgeous lighting fixture in the dining room, which is visible from the exterior.

The Frank H. Keefer House, Oak Park, by E. E. Roberts, 1906

I liked that mix of old and new, and that light was a major component in the look of the home. I assumed it was a super-expensive fixture, but then I spotted this glass orb chandelier from west elm. It’s not cheap, but it isn’t the thousands of dollars I assumed it would be.

Glass Orb Chandelier

Glass Orb Chandelier

In the right dining room, this would look fantastic. It’s on backorder right now, which is fine since I wouldn’t be ordering it yet anyway. It’s hard to find good-looking inexpensive lights sometimes, so I’ll be keeping it in mind!

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