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Baby, You're a Firework

  • Why the flaunting of Katy Perry’s breasts can be a great thing for little girls.
    “Katy seems surprised and delighted by the body she has, and the things she can make it do. “Look at these breasts I have! Aren’t they fun and kind of crazy? I’m going to shoot fireworks out of them now.””

  • A creepy (you’ve been warned) but interesting account of a murder. One that was requested by its victim.

  • Yes, Gilbert was my first love.
    “It wasn’t exactly cool. It had no edge. You didn’t want to race into school and announce that you were obsessed with “Anne of Green Gables.” But, to your bosom friend, you could discuss its many joys to your heart’s content.”

  • Oh, that Alton Brown. He’s a good one.

  • We are so small.

Imagined City-Hives of the Future

Vimeo Favorites

I’m not the most prolific vlogger, but I’ve been a Vimeo Plus member for years. I like the interface and layout of the site, and their password protection so I can share things privately with friends or clients. Plus I feel like I’m part of a larger community of people making the kind of videos I wish I could pull off, but that I do try to learn from!

Here are a handful of my favorite videos on Vimeo, some of which I’ve shared here before, and some that I haven’t.

hr 644

Shake it Little Tina from Adam Carpenter.

Beauty of Mathematics from Parachutes.

beet cake from tiger in a jar.

Symmetry from The Mercadantes.

Breath from The Mercadantes.

Traffic Signs & Jake The Rapper / COOKIE JAR – Directed by Ben&Julia from Ben&Julia.

hr 644

If you’re looking for a place to host your videos, I’ve partnered with Vimeo to share an offer with you. Their business accounts (the PRO subscription) are $17/month, but you can save 10% on Vimeo Plus or PRO! Use promo code: LOVELY10APR. You’ll be a part of a larger network of professionals and a community centered on high quality video, with a site layout that puts the focus on your work with no distracting pre-roll commercials or banners. You’ll also get 20GB of storage per week, stats, portfolio pages, and more. Your videos belong on Vimeo.

Vimeo PRO from Vimeo.

Thank you Vimeo for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Vimeo, all content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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