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Our 2013 Holiday Cards

Holidays are made for you at Zazzle.
Find cards you’ll covet at

Our holiday cards are here! Oh, yes; the Balch family is on top of it this year.

Holiday Cards

We have, in the past, sent out ‘Happy New Year!’ cards because we were a bit behind. My uncle remarked that he had “never gotten one of those before!”


This year, I ordered our cards from Zazzle instead of adding the task of designing and printing my own during an already busy time. (Former stationers feel a bit of pressure in this area, you know.) I narrowed my choices down to a few favorites before deciding on the cute polka dots design, and I upgraded to metallic paper. The paper has a subtle sheen to it when the light hits it from different angles, and the gold text and dots sparkle. And the picture? Well, we do take ourselves quite seriously around here.

It’s a little early, but warm wishes, love the Balch family.

Warm Wishes

p.s. Eleanor is a junior stylist in training. Please do enjoy her lined up rock collection.

Junior Stylist in Training

August’s Second Birthday Party

August and Grandma Pat on His Second Birthday

A few weeks ago, we asked August for a little party planning input.

“What kind of birthday party do you want, August? Cars?”
“Uh huh.”
“Construction equipment?”

Construction Birthday Party

So construction equipment it was.

Decorating the table involved gathering all of his construction toys and raiding Eleanor’s train table for Playmobil landscapes and trees. I thought it looked cute. Brandon took one look at the scene I was creating and said “it’s like the Lorax, told from the other side.” We had confirmation when Eleanor grabbed an excavator, made crashing noises, and started ripping out trees from the plastic earth.

Construction Birthday Party

Construction Birthday Party

Construction birthday party! Take that, nature!
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Eleanor’s First Valentine’s Day Cards

A word of warning: you’re probably not going to pin these on Pinterest. They are a three-year-old girl’s first Valentine’s Day cards and they are simple, but she and her mother are over the moon about them.

Eleanor's Valentine's Day Cards

I suppose I could have staged an elaborate table full of supplies, given a step-by-step tutorial, and taken beautiful photos in the early afternoon when the daylight is best. Maybe I should have gathered polished river stones (“You rock, Valentine!”) or done something clever with paint chips. Instead, my girl and I got together over the little side table in the living room and I helped her write her name a dozen times on paper hearts. Midway through, I asked Brandon to grab my phone and take a few pictures. It was real life.

Happy Valentine’s Day, from your friend, Eleanor. (And from me, too.)

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