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Our Possible CD/DVD Storage Solution

Brandon and I are still weighing our options for CD and DVD storage, but we think we’ve settled on the perfect solution for us. Thank you for all of your suggestions and advice!

As I had mentioned, we’re not ready to go 100% digital. We’re probably about 40% there… Brandon has 34 GB of music on his computer, and I have another 22GB on mine. We do have most of the music we currently listen to on our computers, but we still play CDs all the time. And Brandon is a movie person. I think I have 10 or 15 DVDs, but Brandon has about 700. PLUS video games. Here’s where they’re all stored:

Billy Bookcases

Those are Billy bookcases with doors in Brandon’s office, but we’ve filled them to capacity. Overfilled them, actually. And we don’t have any more room in our house for additional storage… unless we can use the dead space under the stairs leading to the second floor. The room looked like this when we moved in:

Brandon's office

We just lined up the bookcases to block that big open space. If we got a couple of media cabinets from Can-Am though, I think we could install them so they seem built-in.

Can-Am Cabinet

Brandon and I are both crazy about the way Rearranged Design stored their CDs. If we get the same CD sleeves and these DVD sleeves, we could fit everything into one tidy space. The only problem? This will not be an inexpensive undertaking. BUT…

  • The CD sleeves show the spine of each CD insert, so they’re still browsable.
  • The DVD sleeves hold the covers without cutting or folding them, and they hold two discs.
  • This setup would solve our storage problem and we’d still have room to grow.
  • Alphabetization would be easier to maintain with sleeves than with a binder.
  • Taking out a few CDs at a time with their corresponding sleeves seems easier than grabbing a bunch of loose discs from several different binders.
  • The cabinets have a safety feature to prevent toppling by only allowing one drawer to be pulled out at a time. Brandon was almost crushed by a filing cabinet once, so he’s all too familiar with the danger. We will soon have a curious toddler, so this feature is a big plus for us.
  • The drawers can be locked. Again, with a curious toddler on the way this is another big plus.
  • We could FREE UP SOME SPACE in the rest of the house.

Now we’re just trying to decide if we want to tackle this whole project at once, or if we should do it in phases. We could start with the CDs first, storing them in boxes that we already have. And when we move on to the DVDs (and outgrow the boxes), we could find an affordable dresser instead of the cabinets to save money. Or do we just spring for it all now? It’s a little crazy, but it would be so nice after it’s finished.

Time for a New FLOR

The sisal rug in our dining room is about five years old, and it has a big threadbare spot on it that was just made much worse this weekend by vacuuming. Luckily, FLOR just opened a store in Chicago, so Brandon and I headed out to see what we could find.

image from Apartment Therapy

We went through, grabbing a sample of each carpet style and color that interested us. Then we started narrowing down the choices (too dark, too light, can’t withstand heavy foot traffic, and so on), until we ended up with our final selection: Feelin Groovy in Pewter.

Feelin Groovy FLOR

Brandon and I also really liked the Be My Neighbor Rug.

Be My Neighbor Rug FLOR

Where could we use something so awesome? In Brandon’s office, of course. He’s going to feel like a giant.

Brandon’s Office, Updated

I made just a few changes to Brandon’s office…

Brandon's Office

First, a big thank you to everyone for your input (White Molded Chairs)! We chose option #3, and the old broken chair was replaced with IKEA’s Jakob swivel chair. As I had mentioned before, this isn’t a true home office – Brandon only sits there for short periods white internet surfing or playing around with iTunes. We both find the new chair comfortable, though it probably wouldn’t be great as a full-time office chair.

The pendant (which we had already switched out earlier) was replaced with an $8 orange shade. I also switched out the rug. I liked the one that was already in there, but at 3’x5′, it was a little too small. I grabbed the brown and white rug that was in my office (5’x7′), and the size is much better. An orange pillow from west elm (from a few years ago) completed the room.

And now, because it’s fun, I threw together another magazine-style layout with sources:

Brandon’s Office

The house is really coming together now! We’ve only had bits and pieces done until now, but it’s so much more satisfying to see it shape up as a whole. Here’s another view:

three corners

I love the dashes of white and orange in all three rooms. Cohesiveness makes me happy. :)

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