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New Art Above Eleanor’s Bed

I planned a mini-makeover for Eleanor’s room a while back. It took a while for her polka dot wall vases to get here, and then longer still for me to finally get everything hung on the wall, but it’s finally done! I’ll show more of the finished room soon, but first, here’s a shot of the new art above Eleanor’s bed.

I laid it all out on the bed before putting it up on the wall so I could play around with the placement. The cat hanging is a vintage Tammis Keefe tea towel hung on wooden dowels, the lowercase ‘e’ was from Anthropologie and the uppercase ‘E’ from Urban Outfitters. I got the wall dot vases in an online flash sale, but they’re available directly from Chive, and the screenprinted flower is by three sheets 2 the wind.

Planning a Mini-Makeover for Eleanor’s Room

I’m never really one to finish a room and call it done. It’s more fun to tweak and look at my home as an ever-changing, evolving project. So I have a mini-makeover planned for Eleanor’s room, all because I was in the market for a new duvet cover for her. Her polka dot cover is cute, but we needed a backup for when it was in the wash. Details below:

  1. Painted Ponies Bedding

    This set is the one I ordered, but I’ve put together a post with a whole bunch of options for horse obsessed kiddos.

  2. Wall Dot Vases*
    I ordered mine yesterday at half off from Fab (I found them on the last day, and the sale is now over), but they can be purchased directly from Chive.

  3. Polka Dot Curtains
    We already had these on hand, from Eleanor’s nursery. Similar curtains can be found here.

*Those wall vases will take a long time to arrive (several weeks, probably — the downfall of shopping flash sale sites).

Toy Train Table

The toy train table in Eleanor’s room is one of the most frequently used spots in our home. It’s big enough for both kids to play with at the same time, usually without too much conflict. It looks good in the room, in that classic toy way. It’s fun for the kids, and it’s fun for me. Seriously — I love rearranging the train tracks. It’s so satisfying when a good layout comes together.

I’m telling you. It’s highly likely that I will someday become an obsessed scale model-making enthusiast.

I wrote about the best additions to a train table layout today over on Babble. Give it a look if you’re in need of some ideas. You know, for the children.

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