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Coffee Table, V3.0

Erin, of Apartment 34 has one. So did Morgan, of The Brick House. My dream coffee table.

Apartment 34

See it there, behind Erin? Here’s another shot of it, from Morgan.

Vintage Wood and Travertine Coffee Table

That’s the one I’ve been searching for, with no luck. The original coffee table that we had (Thomas O’Brien for Target, circa 2005) was fine, but it was getting a little wobbly, and for safety’s sake, we thought it was time to find something new. (Actually, Brandon suggested it, and who am I to argue?)

Making it Lovely's Living Room

I kept checking at all the usual places (west elm, CB2, Crate & Barrel, and so on), and I trolled Craigslist and eBay. Every trip to a thrift store had me searching for something that would work, and I wasn’t finding anything I liked well enough. But then I found a lovely long, wooden coffee table at The Renegade Craft Fair that I thought would be good.

Vintage Wood Coffee Table

Vintage Wood Coffee Table in Making it Lovely's Living Room

Great lines, interesting details, in decent shape. Perfect! I pondered painting the top, but though I like the idea of lightening it up, paint wasn’t going to give me the look I wanted. Too slick. Replacing the top with stone would have been gorgeous, but I don’t think the table would have supported the weight.

See how awesome a stone top would be?

Resigned to keeping the top wood (not that it would have been a terrible fate), I started to get used to the look of it, as-is. And I liked it! Not as much as I would with a different top, but it was growing on me. The size, however, was not. It’s about a foot too long, and in a living room that’s only 12’x12′, a foot too long really starts to bother you.

The other day, I noticed that one of the coffee tables I had initially spotted and considered, the Bel-Air, had gone on sale. I had a gift card and some store credit that brought the price down even further, so I bought it. I wasn’t 100% sure, but I figured I’d buy it and try it in the living room to see how I liked it.

Uh huh, I like it. Although I still wonder about getting a travertine top. This one is strong enough to handle it, and it gives it the look of the one I covet so. I made a mockup. What do you think?

Wood Coffee Table vs. Stone Top

Some Christmas Decorating

So. Speaking of sequins, they’re featured prominently in my home for the holidays.

Sequined Pillow

The house may be photographed for a magazine (to appear in a Christmas issue next year), so I’m feeling extra pressure to do it up right.

Pink Christmas Tree with Pailettes

I bought our pink tree in 2009. Three years later, about 1/3 of the lights have burned out. Supposedly a “lightbulb specialist” will be calling me tomorrow so that I can place an order for replacement bulbs. I’m hoping I can get clear ones because when the tree is fully lit with its pink bulbs, the effect is a bit bordello-ish.

Pink Christmas Tree

I have more to do (the pressure!), so there’s more to come. Next week, most likely.

New Art in the Living Room

Painting by Emily Rickard in Making it Lovely's Living Room

This new painting by Emily Rickard is making me all kinds of happy. (She sells prints and other products featuring this painting too.)

Emily Rickard Painting

When I mentioned wanting to “frame the new painting in the living room”, this is the one I was talking about. It looks fine with its white edges, but I’m thinking it needs a simple frame in a medium-toned wood, or maybe plain black.

A Simply Framed Modern Painting

I’ve tried a few things in that corner of the living room over the years. Here’s an old shot from the same angle.

Making it Lovely's Living Room with Unpainted Wood Trim

Sigh. I really don’t miss all that unpainted wood because it didn’t look good in person, but it was mighty pretty in photos. Anyway, I liked that print by The Black Apple for a long time, but I was ready for something different. I hung my Amy Ruppel painting there for a while too.

Living Room & Brandon's Office

It’s now on the opposite wall, above the floral chair. I briefly tried this giant botanical print in that corner next.

Making it Lovely's Living Room with a Large Botanical Print

It was way too big for the space, and it looks so much better in my bedroom. The new painting is the right size, the right colors, and I love its movement and design.

Emily Rickard Painting in Making it Lovely's Living Room

And are you digging the tiny fingerprints all over the TV? Me too.

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