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Studio Tour!

I spent the weekend tidying up my studio, and I realized I had never posted proper ‘after’ pictures. I’ve shown little snippets here and there, but never the whole thing. Time to remedy that, yes?

My Studio

My Studio

The studio is where I package up all of the orders for my shop (Pink Loves Brown). The room may not always be this tidy, but it usually stays fairly neat because everything has a place. That makes my little perfectionist heart happy.

It looked like this originally (eek). Brandon and I put in the bamboo floor ourselves, painted (walls, ceiling, and trim), installed new closet doors, and switched out the ceiling fixture. I made the curtains out of Moda’s uptown “mom’s couch” fabric.

Here’s the view in from the doorway.

My Studio (View from the Doorway)

This is what I refer to as “the shipping center”. It’s my least favorite side of the room (all of the open storage looks a little cluttered), but it’s very functional and necessary.

The Shipping Center in My Studio

I’ve shown this photo of my order sorting process before, but here it is again. I put patterned paper along the back of a shoe cubby from Target.

Orders Sorted

Here’s the underside of the table with all of the shipping boxes and supplies. The white shelves are also from Target.

The Shipping Center in My Studio

I store envelopes for my cards and stationery along the open shelves of my IKEA VÄRDE kitchen island. Most of my crafty supplies are inside the closet. I removed the clothing rail that was originally in there and I assembled shelving from The Container Store to hold everything.

My Studio

Here’s a peek inside.

Supply Closet (Left Side)  Supply Closet (Right Side)

I store some extra envelopes and my ironing board behind the door. You can also see a little of my photo shoot setup along the right (which I’ve shown before) tucked into the funny little alcove there. I store extra shipping boxes under that table.

Storage Behind the Door

Here’s another view. Those suitcases along the top of the bookcase are for sale in my shop.

My Studio

So there you have it. My studio!

My Studio

Acting Natural

…in photographs takes a lot of work.

We’re in the middle of a photo shoot today! Brandon and I posed (very casually – “turn left, no, more right, tilt your body, lean in, hold it…”) in the library, and the office and studio are being photographed as well. It’s for a September magazine, so I’ll spill the beans when it’s out!

$50 worth of flowers (in 5 vases) has made the house very cheery, by the way.

On My Desk

The photographers have been here since 8 o’clock this morning, and I’m not sure they’re even halfway finished yet! Their photos look amazing though.

Organization is for Squares

In my whirlwind post prior, I mentioned that I went out to IKEA to pick up some wire baskets. I bought them after seeing the way my friend Emily uses them in her studio.

They were only $4 each, and they’re meant to hang from a shelf. I intended to hang them, but ran into trouble with the items on the shelves above not being able to sit flat. I decided to just set them on top of my card-catalog style boxes instead.

IKEA GORM clip-on basket and KASSETT drawers

Now I’m able to store my cards, stationery, pins, magnets, etc. in the drawers, and place a few of each in the baskets above to grab quickly. It’s a nice system, and I’m pretty excited about it! Sometimes I don’t realize how much time can be saved and how much better my things can be organized until I start using a new system.

Studio Organization

I also realized that I have a penchant for organizing with squares. I love to see how other people have used squares, cubes, and grids to organize their belongings too. That, coupled with my love for flickr, led me to create my first flickr group: Organizing is for Squares.

Please feel free to join, and if you have any photos that would fit in well… please include them!

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