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Looking for a Round Table for the Library

I want to do something like this in the front parlor/library. Not the style, but the idea of a table with four chairs in front of the bookshelves.

Home Library

We’re planning on storing board games and some toys in the closed storage of the built-ins, and because one needs an aesthetically pleasing place in which to play Hi Ho! Cherry-O and build LEGOs, I’ve been on the hunt for some furniture. I’ve wanted a round table from the beginning, to echo the round wall with windows, so that’s what I’m focusing on.

Chairs and Round Tables #makingitlovely

  1. Dawson Pedestal Side Table, Pottery Barn

  2. Deeda Chair, Jayson Home

  3. Milo Baughman 1188 Chair, DWR

  4. Saddle Dining Chair, West Elm

  5. G-Plan Teak Dining Chairs, Chairish

  6. Stockholm Chair, IKEA

  7. Docksta, IKEA

We already have a Docksta (IKEA’s ubiquitous knock-off of the Saarinen tulip table) — it used to be in my stationery shop’s studio. I tried it out in place here and while the size is great, the style isn’t the best fit with the rest of our furniture for the space. Something dark, to tie in with the black walls of the adjacent room, and something with a bit more heft to it would be better. Either that pedestal table above, or something like the antique gateleg table below.

Foyer / Library Table

I’d like four chairs around it (and we can pull up either a stool, occasional chair, or dining chair if we need a fifth for our soon-to-be family of five), but I don’t want the set-up to look like a randomly placed dining table. I think upholstered chairs would look and feel best, and I’m not so worried about the combination of fabric seats and little kids since we won’t be eating there.

Of course I like the two most expensive chairs of the bunch (#2 and #3), and both would work with the color palette I’m going for. So perfect! So not in the budget! I’m going to concentrate on getting the table first — one that I know will work with a variety of seating options — and then new chairs can always come later. Which would you pick though, if price didn’t matter? One of the ones above, or do you have a different favorite?

The Color Palette Inspiration

You’ve seen the built-ins starting to take shape, but what I’m really looking forward to is painting the front parlor and getting everything back in place. I came across the top two floral images below on Pinterest the other day, and they’ve stayed with me. This is the direction the color palette is heading, I think.

Palette Inspiration #makingitlovely
Images: 1234

You’ve seen that bottom image below here, and I’ve been thinking of picking up a few blue and white porcelain jars or vases like this since using a similar one in the design of this room.

I haven’t really made a conscious effort to keeping things to a palette yet (although it’s been kicking around in my mind), as I’ve been enjoying the process of collecting and taking my time. Happily, everything does work pretty well with the above inspiration, and here’s how the furniture and accessories between the two parlors are looking so far.

Double Parlor Furniture #makingitlovely

  1. Black Beauty Paint, Benjamin Moore
    You can see the second parlor from every other main room on the first floor, and the black walls give fantastic contrast to the surrounding spaces

  2. Pink Ikat Polka Dot Pillows, Jayson Home (Warehouse Sale)
    I picked up two of these pale peachy pink pillows.

  3. Gold Suzani Pillow, Jayson Home
    Expensive, but huge and luxe and worth it.

  4. Twin Beacons Brass Lamp, Anthropologie
    I waited and waited, and was able to finally grab it on clearance. It’s a heavy, substantial lamp that looks vaguely insect-like, and I love it.

  5. Winifred Sofa, Anthropologie
    The most expensive piece of furniture we’ve ever bought (even with it being on sale when we got it), but it’s perfect. It’s also the most comfortable we’ve ever had.

  6. Dog Rose Botanical Poster, The Evolution Store
    I cashed in some credits on Fab to get mine a couple of years ago, and now I think I like it even more in this house than I did in the old one!

  7. Built-in Bookshelves, Krieger + Associates
    Those are fantastic. I hope mine will be, too.

  8. Antique Striped Sofa, Chairish
    I was looking for a smaller striped settee, but this sofa was so perfect that I went for it.

  9. Tufted Pink Ottomans, Target
    I like the dash of hot pink these bring.

  10. Pale Pink Table Lamp, Robert Abbey
    I used to have two of these, but alas, one of the kids broke one shortly after we moved here.

Of course there are a few outliers that will probably show up in the two spaces too, like my Emily Rickard painting and the crazy floral Blythe chair.

Black Walls and Colorful Accents #makingitlovely

Our carpenter did a lot of work installing components yesterday, and the bookshelves in the front parlor are up on both sides of the window now. He’ll be taking next week off and returning the week after to finish up some of the details, but the bulk of the project is in place! I’ve been trying to stay mindful of the sightlines in this house, and the wall of shelving looks good in context and in relation to the other rooms. The house is an oak-stravaganza (shall I never use that word again?), and I’m good with that.

Now, what color should I go with for the walls in there?

Moving Forward with the Built-in Bookshelves

After a minor freakout and a little time to regroup, the bookshelves are moving along. We don’t have the budget or inclination to scrap the whole thing and start over, so minor tweaks are going to have to go a long way toward fixing the areas I didn’t like.

Built-in Bookshelves in Progress

The outer beveled edges of the doors have been cut down and the doors will be inset. The recessed toe kick is gone. The plywood grain still bugs me, but hopefully less so when there are books on the shelves. And if not? There’s always Plan B of making painted or wallpapered removable inserts to cover some of the wood. A few people have recommended painting out the whole thing, which honestly would probably look pretty amazing, but I’m giving the oak a shot first.

I think (I hope!) it will all come together as the project progresses further. There’s going to be a window seat in the center, and we’re installing a rolling library ladder that I’m really looking forward to seeing in the space. I’m excited about turning my attention toward putting the room back together and finally unpacking our dozens of boxes of books. They’ve been scattered throughout the second floor for months, lining the hallway and greeting us at the top of the stairs, so it’s going to be a big relief to have them out of there.

Boxes of Books, and the Kids


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