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Beaded Garland Wall Art DIY

Here’s an easy way to fill up a large wall. A few people asked about the beaded wall art from a photo of my old apartment in yesterday’s post, so I thought I’d share the instructions with you. It’s an easy craft project!

You’ll need many strands of beaded garland (I used 18), an inexpensive café rod, and a little bit of paint and a paintbrush.

Take the café curtain rod and paint it so that it blends in with your wall color. You can prime it first if you’re worried about the paint sticking, but this is not a heavy duty piece so it should be fine without primer. String the garland on the curtain rod, attach the brackets to the wall, and hang your creation. Easy!


Thinking of Making Some Changes

Do you ever feel like this?

Just before we went on holiday I found out that I had it all wrong with the interior of my home. I needed to change it but it felt so much time and effort wasted, I almost felt guilty to all the hard work we had put into it. But I decided after a big swallow that I needed to make things right…

Yvonee has been working on making changes that will make her happy. Can you relate?

Painting the trim is helping in my case. With each room that I finish, I’m more certain that it was the right decision for me. The second floor and the basement are done. Brandon’s office already had white trim when we moved in, and I’ve added the kitchen, dining room, and my office. Soon I’ll tackle the living room and front entry, and the painted trim project will be complete.

Brandon and I have no plans to move right now. The house is always changing in little ways, but I do miss the flurry of new decorating that takes place when you first move into a home. I’ve been thinking about that more and more lately, and I’m coming around to the idea of making some changes. Someone wants to buy my orange Astrid chair, and I’m thinking about selling it and getting this one to replace it. I still think about finding new chairs for the dining room too.

What if I treat this house like I would if we had just moved in?

The color palette of my home has a lot of muted color. Maybe it’s time to go a little more bold? More bright? (I say as I sit in my newly painted muted green/blue/gray office.) I know I mentioned recently that I feel like I need to shake things up a little, and Brandon’s on board too. What do you think?

Let’s Get Cute With Our Camera Bags

There are so many cute options for camera bags and straps these days. Which would you choose? There are a couple of fun bonus items to pick from too. I’ll show you my choices below.

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