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Like a Peeping Tom: A Peek Inside the Dollhouse

Here’s a little peek into the dollhouse from the outside. It’s ready (enough) to show you today, but I won’t be able to take and edit photos until I get the kids down for a nap later.

* It’s up! Take a look, right over here.

The Mad Dash Toward the Finish Line

I’ve spent all weekend dollhousing. My father-in-law has been instrumental, further cementing himself as perhaps Eleanor’s favorite person. While I painted and wallpapered walls, he built the foundation. Then he picked up the pieces to build the frame (my mother-in-law assisted in the building process too), while I moved on to painting windows and furniture, and making bedding.

* My site was down all day yesterday, so the first half of this post was originally set to go up Monday morning.

I’ve made a lot of progress in just one day, thanks to my in-laws (for assembling), and Brandon (for watching the kids so I could work)! It will not be completely finished by the deadline of December 15, but it’s getting closer.

Here’s a little peek at what the dollhouse is looking like now.

Still to do:

  • build and attach the dormers
  • paint the exterior
  • add shingles to the roof
  • build the front porch
  • paint/stain the stairs and railings
  • glue the ribbon runner to the stairs
  • flooring for all rooms
  • trim out the windows and doors
  • add baseboards and crown molding
  • sew curtains
  • finish sewing all of the bedding
  • make/find a dining table
  • make/find a desk (if including an office)
  • determine which room is which (I made some last minute switches)
  • make/find end tables and nightstands
  • lighting for all rooms (battery powered or just decorative)
  • make art for all rooms
  • build counters and countertops for kitchen
  • assemble the farmhouse kitchen sink
  • sew a sink skirt
  • add a fireplace
  • arrange and decorate all the rooms
  • paint the exposed edges
  • touch ups

No, there’s no way to do all of that by tomorrow (so that I can photograph it to show you on Thursday). I’m not just working on this for the challenge though; This is going to be Eleanor’s dollhouse. She’s only two, a bit young for the dollhouse, so there’s still plenty of time to finish it for her.

Star Wars Guys in Bathtub

Eleanor has created an art installation. She has titled it: Star Wars Guys in Bathtub. They’re taking a bubble bath, just so you know. I’m so proud of my little conceptual artist!

OK, for real though… The dollhouse? It’s slow-going. E is enjoying playing with all of the furniture, and I’m enjoying the idea of the dollhouse, but construction has yet to begin. The dollhouse kit (sanded and primed, thanks to my mother-in-law) is currently living on my dining room table.

Have you all been following along with the “I’m a Giant!” Challenge? Some of the people playing along on twitter are rocking it, but I’ve noticed a lack of activity from everyone else lately. Perhaps I’m not the only one preparing to make a mad dash toward the finish line.

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