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DIY Chalkboard Holiday Favors

I was asked to contribute to her Holiday Guide by Emily Henderson, so I came up with this DIY chalkboard holiday favor. They look cute at each place setting, and you could use them as place cards too.

After dinner, your guests could write their New Year’s Resolutions on them. Then you, as party host, can impose your iron will upon everyone to make them pose with their chalkboards as photo props. Pose, unsuspecting party guests, POSE!

I think party favors can be a little silly sometimes. What do you do with them after the party? That’s why the holiday doodad is removable — so the favor can be hung as a simple chalkboard the rest of the year.

It’s a simple craft that doesn’t cost much, and doesn’t take much time (other than waiting for paint to dry). Want to give it a try? See page 228 in The Holiday Guide by Emily Henderson for a list of materials needed and the full instructions.

The Dollhouse Wallpapers

My dollhouse has seven rooms. Eleanor and I went to Paper Source to pick out some wallpaper for it, and we came home with three pretty papers to go along with the one I had already picked for the bathroom. I think wallpapering four rooms in the dollhouse is probably the maximum allowed to avoid pattern overdose, so I’ll paint the rest.

The stairs are getting a striped ribbon runner, but I’m still not sure what to do with the stairs themselves. Paint them a fun color? Or shiny gold? Or go more classic with wooden treads and white risers?

I love planning these little details.

Walton dollhouse from Melissa and Doug — They’re offering my readers 15% off wooden dollhouses with the code “DH15″

How to Find a Wall Stud (Video)

I put up my almost Hang-it-All in the basement stairwell yesterday. To make sure it would stay put, I needed to be sure I hit the studs in the wall.

If you ever want to hang something heavy in your home, you’ll want to know how to find the studs too. I thought it might be helpful to show you a few methods for finding them: using an electronic stud finder*, knocking and listening, or swiss cheesing your walls. Can you guess which method you probably want to avoid?

* This is the stud sensor I use. We bought it years ago. It’s more expensive than most, but I’ve used cheaper models and have found that this one is worth the price.

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