Just to Complicate Things Further

I do very much like this Jenny Lind bed.

It’s funny… I first blogged about Jenny Lind style beds a year and a half ago, after choosing Eleanor’s crib. And now without me bringing it up again, a few people are recommending this bed in the comments of my last post.

Jenny Lind Beds
Sunrise Ruffalo’s Home, Marie’s Memphis Apartment

I’m just too parsimonious to buy one. (That sounds better than cheap, right?) Maybe I should just spring for one instead of trying to go with one of these? The other options are good too though, and more affordable.

I’m not good at making decisions lately. Can I just blame it on the whole ‘being seven months pregnant’ thing?

Zigzag Hooked Wool Rug


Garnet Hill

Cosy Textured Coat

Brand new but with vintage style, and on sale for only $35. The little girl(s) in your life need one.

mini Boden

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