2010 Recap: The Personal

I’ve already done a 2010 recap of the house and the blog, so now let’s get personal. Eleanor grew from a baby to a toddler, and our family has been growing right along with her. Here are some of my favorite personal posts from the past year.

Thunk goes the camera!

I determined that brownies are better with words stenciled in powdered sugar.

We celebrated Eleanor’s first birthday in the spring with lots of love and lots of pink.

I put together a video montage of Eleanor’s first year. It makes me teary. And happy.

On our sixth wedding anniversary, James Julius met up with Brandon and I to photograph our family.

I started thinking about food differently, which led to me losing the baby weight plus an extra twenty pounds.

Of course then I went and got pregnant again. (Welcome back, baby weight!) We’re having a boy this time.

I did pretty well on my 30 Before Thirty list. (And oh yeah, that means I turned thirty!)

And for Halloween, a little craftiness mixed with a store-bought dress added up to Eleanor’s cute Olivia costume.

It was a good year. 2011, you have some big shoes to fill.

Cloisonne Pendants

I don’t have a family crest. Do you? Well, now we can pretend that we do with these excellent pendants.

Yellow Owl Workshop (via Modish)

2010 Recap: The Blog

I already showed you what I was up to around the house in 2010, but of course that’s not all I write about here on Making it Lovely. Here are some of my favorite things from the past year.

I added three new Making it Yours editions.

This was probably my favorite style post of the year. I actually bought that dress, and I wore it like crazy (until my expanding belly would no longer fit).

I learned that I am not an inspiration board kind of person. I find them too cluttered!

I discussed my thoughts on blog sponsorship and advertising.

I spoke at the first Alt Design Summit (which is coming up again in just a few weeks). I’m bummed that I can’t go again this year, but it’s just three weeks before my due date.

I attended the Mighty Summit, and came away feeling incredibly inspired.

The Halloween mask that I made was in the October issue of Better Homes & Gardens!

And a whole new section was added to Making it Lovely: The Filing Cabinet! Have you been checking it out? I post daily (often more than once) with fun finds and extras.

Tomorrow I’ll have my third and final recap of 2010: The personal stuff.

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