Whale Tissue Holder

I seem to have a thing for whales all of a sudden. This little guy is adorable.

gnome sweet gnome (via Black.White.Yellow.)

Classic Clock

Well, aren’t you a dapper clock?


The 4-6 Weeks Project

I am one month away from my due date today. We’re about to add a baby boy to our family, and Eleanor is about to become a big sister.

If this pregnancy is at all similar to the first (I went 15 days past the due date), then I figure we have about 4-6 weeks to go. An earlier arrival would be welcome, but to remember our last days as a family of three, I’m starting a new project. The 4-6 Weeks Project. I will document each day with a photograph and a few sentences, and at the end I will compile them all into a keepsake book for Eleanor. I’ll also share them with you here weekly.

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Today, we are one month away from your little brother’s due date, and soon you will be a big sister. You and mama played with your pink and brown Connect Four set while daddy was at work. You’re very serious about putting the pieces in just so, and you’ll only use the brown ones. You gave all of the pink pieces to mama.

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