Bedroom Office

The Perils of Coupons

My living room looks like a mini Pottery Barn warehouse. It’s not my fault – really! They lured me in with a coupon (the “welcome to the neighborhood” discount) and clearance merchandise.

Bedside Lamp

Ta da! That will soon be one of two lamps flanking the bed. They swivel and rotate and are all-around nifty.


And see? &! As in Smart & Lovely! It looks a little strange all by itself in a messy office, but it’s still pretty neat.

I also picked up several card racks. I’m pretty jazzed about them! They’re really quite pretty, and they were about the same price as the regular old boring card racks (yay, clearance!). I think they might be a little heavy to lug around to shows, but they might be worth the extra effort.

So…Beware the Post Office! They sell your name when you move, and you get tempting, tempting coupons!

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