Bringing Joy

The Bright Friday holiday lights are up at Lillstreet Art Center!

"Bright Friday" Installation by Glade at Lillstreet Art Center

It was fun to work with Glade® to choose a Chicago location for the “Bright Friday” light installation. Chicago was just one of five cities chosen by Glade® in their effort to spready joy and bring much needed holiday cheer. A survey that they conducted found that 73% of Americans wish they had more time to enjoy the little things that make the season great. I hope it’s bringing a little extra joy to the people that visit Lillstreet Art Center for art programs and to shop in the gallery, along with all of the people that walk or drive by, or see the spot from the train.

Putting Up the "Bright Friday" Installation by Glade at Lillstreet Art Center

The lights going up! ↑


"Bright Friday" Installation by Glade at Lillstreet Art Center

We’ve been celebrating the season with little moments of joy at home, too. Making cookies and hot chocolate, heading out to play in the first snow of the season (which promptly melted), and doing holiday craft projects. The kids love making paper snowflakes and they’ve been experimenting with different shapes, cutting each one a little higher/lower/more/less to see how they turn out. Our snowflakes are far from perfect, but we love them. We’ve been hanging them up and taping them to the windows.

Kids' Paper Snowflakes, Ornaments, Glade Holiday Candle

I’ve been trying out the different fragrances in the Glade® Limited Edition Winter Collection while we’re crafting or just hanging out at home. We’ll have the Glade® Be at Peace™ Jar Candle lit one night (it makes the house smell like it’s filled with balsam), and the next it’s the Glade ® Cherish the Present™ Jar Candle (a scent that smells like we’re baking apple pie!). Small touches that add to the season and bring a little more joy.

The holiday lights will be up at Lillstreet Art Center now through January 15, so be sure to check them out if you’ll be in the Ravenswood neighborhood this holiday season. And if you take any pictures, you can share them with the #FeelJoy hashtag. Be sure to check out too!

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