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Modern Outdoor Dining Furniture for the Victorian

The furniture in this post was provided by Stori Modern.

I have a fantasy version of our backyard in my head that the reality does not match. Not yet, at least. One big step in the right direction is outdoor dining furniture that complements the Victorian, without going for spot-on wrought iron pieces.

Stori Modern Table and Chairs, and a Peacock

Stori Modern makes outdoor furniture in various modern styles (as you might gather from their name), but some of the collections have a nice wink and nod to the past. I chose their Memoir Collection for our outdoor dining area.

Stori Modern Memoir Dining Collection

Stori Modern

The collection comes in red, white, or black. Red isn’t for me, but I do like white dining chairs. So fresh! So cute! I’m feeling darker colors for this house though, so I chose black chairs, plus black cushions.

Stori Modern Memoir Dining Collection. Plus a Peacock.

The details make these really special, but the set is made with synthetic wicker so it should hold up nicely to the elements. We can store everything over the winter as we’ve likely had the last of our warm weather, but we do leave our outdoor furniture in the yard spring through fall and I appreciate a good durable material.

(Obviously the peacock is not left out year-round, or even overnight. He was a special guest for the photos.)

Stori Modern Memoir Dining Chair

I liked the Journal collection a lot for our old home too, but in the end, the modern detailing of the Memoir dining furniture swayed me. I’m looking forward to sprucing up the dining area next spring, and plenty of meals outside again!

Stori Modern Memoir Dining Collection. Plus a Peacock.

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    the puppy is adorable,but boy have you got your hands full…super mommy,designer,blogger wife…etc I am impressed and I have followed you since the first baby and the first house. Good luck with the landscaping-neglected mine due to ill Husband and some devil vine(Virginia?) killed practically everything. Not kudzu-smaller leaves