French-Inspired Outdoor Wire Planters

French country is having a moment again (have you been noticing?), and there are a ton of reproduction wire urn planters in shops this spring. They need to be lined, either with burlap, coconut fiber, or moss, but they’re a lighter alternative to stone urns with a similar shape and you don’t have to worry about freeze/thaw issues. The 10 below are my favorites but if you’re looking for a whole bunch more in one place, House of Antique Hardware has started carrying a wide range.

French-Inspired Outdoor Wire Planters

  1. Sphere Hanging Basket, Terrain
  2. Koeller Wire Urn Planter, Wayfair
  3. Twisted Iron Urn Planter Set of 2, Wayfair
  4. Twisted Wire Metal Urn Planter, Wayfair
  5. Bronze French Wire Basket Stand, Pottery Barn
  6. Large Tulip Basket, House of Antique Hardware
  7. Iron Wire Tulip Urn, Terrain
  8. Wire Cloche Planter Brown Set of 3, Target
  9. Terrace French Wire Garden Urns, Save on Crafts
  10. Italian Villa Planter, House of Antique Hardware

French-Inspired Wire Urn Planter

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  • Jamie Lockard
    April 13, 2018 at 6:34 pm

    Oooooh…so pretty. I hadn’t really seen these before. Thanks for sharing.