Honor Roll

Honor Roll

Honor Roll
Vintage Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring, Erstwhile Jewelry
Vintage Diamond Edwardian Engagement Ring from Erstwhile
  • I’ve been wearing rings more often lately — mostly costume jewelry, but I’m having fun with it. My new fascination for the real deal though is now with Erstwhile. They have the prettiest vintage and antique engagement and cocktail rings, including Edwardian and sapphire rings that remind me of my own.
    If you’re looking for a couple of inexpensive rings, this bold band and stacking set are recent favorites, and this surreal pearl and hands ring is on my wish list.
  • Lisa Eldridge’s vintage gold 1920s makeup tutorial is pure artistry. Bonus shoutout to MAC scene, a perfect shadow color.
  • There’s still time to apply to be a “Color Explorer!” Behr is looking for someone to travel North America looking for color inspiration. Hello, dream summer job.
  • Are you over the photos against a colorful wall and seeming perfection of popular Instagram influencers? Is the Instagram aesthetic over?
  • We’re still making mathematical advances even in areas you would think we’ve got all sussed out, like multiplication.
  • Ologies is probably the podcast I most look forward to. Have I professed my appreciation of Dad (Alie) Ward? She’s the best. The kids like her too on Brainchild.
  • And giant scissors! Just because.
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