Style: For Leaving the House, or Not

Should we do a style post? Sure, that’s fun!

I haven’t been shopping much, have you? I did have a very strong desire to wander the local plant nurseries and find things to bring home that I may or may not have gotten around to actually putting in the dirt, but alas, that early spring planting window closed. I did get one new dress recently though, and I’ve been wearing it every chance I get. Dress it up for singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to a loved one from a safe distance! Dress it down for not leaving your house for days on end! Versatility.

I’m also wearing my Cupro dress from a couple of years ago with the same frequency. It looks like Universal Standard doesn’t sell the dress anymore, but it’s back as a jumpsuit! Oooh. I’m an XS in the brand for size reference.

Also, bras? Hahaha. Have I professed my love for the True Body bras to you yet? I have a large cup size and small band that can be hard to find anything but an underwire to properly fit. These hold me in with some support and are more comfortable than going without. They are not the most flattering, but they are all I’m wearing these days. The lower-priced Target versions are comfy but not as good.

We are of course continuing to wear a mask when we go out. I miss wearing lipstick, but putting makeup on has never been so quick! My favorite concealer, some mascara, and fill in the sparse parts of my brows if I’m feeling fancy. Done.

Style: Spring/Summer 2020
  1. Mask! Make a no-sew version. Get the pale blue hospital-style ones. Buy one with a space for a filter. Make one yourself. Whatever works for you.
  2. Shoes that feel like slippers.
  3. A bra that’s actually comfortable all day long.
  4. A dress that’s a t-shirt in disguise.
  5. Or better yet, a jumpsuit!
  6. Easy makeup? Fill in the brows.
  7. A little concealer under the eyes and on spots.
  8. Mascara does wonders.
  9. The best sorts of shorts are cute while secretly stretchy and forgiving.
  10. Don’t forget glasses for all the reading we’re doing!
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  • Monika Stockton Maddux
    June 20, 2020 at 8:52 pm

    I just happened upon your site and have been mesmerized for the past 2 hours! I also live in an 1891 Victorian, with a very similar floor plan! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your creative process and the beautiful start to finish documentation. Someday, when I start the renovations on my home, I hope I can create a site even half as lovely as yours. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Whitney
    June 23, 2020 at 7:50 pm

    Okay, I’ve been influenced! I’m so tired of wearing my underwire bras, and the hot weather is making it worse. I bought a True and Co bra—fingers crossed I like it as much as you do :)