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Modern Garden Furniture Meets Fairy Whimsy

I created a series of outdoor rooms when we added new fencing a few years ago (which has finally grayed nicely). Ideally, I would add a patio to the far back section and furnish it, but it might not happen this year because I’ve got my hands full with other projects. I know what I want though when it’s time!

Roly Poly Armchair, Driade

Gnomes and mushrooms? I don’t care if it’s kitsch, embracing my love of whimsy in the garden. Mixed with modern furniture and nestled in among flowers and bushes, it’s charming.

  1. Palissade Bench, Hay
  2. Roly Poly Armchair, 2Modern (Driade)
  3. Attilla Gnome Low Stool / Side Table, 2Modern (Kartell)
  4. Large Outdoor Mushroom, Ballard Designs
  5. Medium Outdoor Mushroom, Ballard Designs
  6. Mystic Forest Mushroom Garden Statue, Wayfair (Design Toscano)
  7. Mystic Forest Mushroom Garden Statue, Wayfair (Design Toscano)
  8. Wild Mushroom 10″, Houzz
  9. Wild Mushroom 14″, Houzz
  10. Wild Mushroom 8″, Houzz
  11. Windsor Metal Stacking Patio Bench, Target (Project 62)
  12. SKARPÖ Outdoor Armchair, IKEA

Roly Poly Armchair, Driade

I adore the Roly Poly Armchair and all the colors it comes in. It would be fine outside in a covered area or in a drier climate than ours, but there’s no drainage hole and I suspect water would pool in the seat when it rains. Realistically for my own yard, I would choose something like IKEA’s SKARPÖ armchairs. Not as interesting in form, but a similar feel and far more practical and affordable.

IKEA Skarpo Armchairs

We went to my uncle’s house this weekend for his birthday (thank you for a returning sense of normalcy, vaccines!), and I had forgotten he has a concrete mushroom that he uses as a doorstop. Jealous! I’ll need to get some of my own.

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  • KC
    May 25, 2021 at 1:21 pm

    oh, i LOVE the Palissade bench! I will say I tried the SKARPO chairs last week at IKEA and they’re really comfortable! I didn’t see them in the dark beige color, but love those! Ugh, i do NOT need new chairs, i do not need new chairs…