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Warm Caramels with a Hint of Blush

The things I want tend to fall into a cohesive color palette. Shall we just ooh and ah over warm caramels together? Plus a hint of blush? Let’s.

Warm Caramels and Blush | Making it Lovely
  1. Standard Jumpsuit in Cotton Twill, Alex Mill
    I shied away from dresses for a while and went almost exclusively to jumpsuits. I’m back into midi skirts and dresses, but this jumpsuit remains a go-to.
  2. Punk Lamp, Blu Dot
    Brilliant proportions, super cute.
  3. Lockhart Tabletop Sculptures, Crate & Barrel
    Sculptures and art from mainstream or big box retailers lose a sense of their cool, but these are really good.
  4. Azalea Brown Chair, CB2
    I want these in my library around our round table with the black and white striped sofa in the background. Or I want to see them in a baby blue room, just surrounded in a sea of pastel.
  5. 14K Gold Diamond Snake Huggies, Gem
    The prettiest snakes. Sparkly and subtle from a distance, but up close badass.
  6. Cylinder Double Sconce, Schoolhouse
    Butterscotch is a new color for this one and it’s perfect. Everything in this color is yummy.
  7. Matte Revolution Lipstick (Rosewood), Charlotte Tilbury; Sephora
    Brown meets orange meets red meets pink. My color.
  8. Oud Rosewood, Dior
    They have crafted a fragrance description to appeal directly to me. “FAVORITE COLOUR: With the most evocative shades of brown, Oud Rosewood conveys both the olfactory image of a warm brown streaked with light brown, found on the round, soft and lustrous rosewood, and the more rugged, nomadic brown of oud wood.”
  9. Compost Nail Polish, J. Hannah
    “Organic Drab. Jolie-Laide. Baroque Mulch.” My favorite. ♥ Called “the ugliest color in the world,” now available in polish for those of us that like that sort of thing.

Anthropologie Effie Wallpaper

Effie Wallpaper, Anthropologie
I want to line drawers with this because it’s a little too cute for my house.

Up-side-down House, Collective Works
This project runs through just about every color, but I’m most drawn to the caramels and pinks (no surprise).

credits: Collective Works • Colour Design: KOI Colour Studio • Paints: Pure&Original Paints • Photography: Margaret M. DeLange • Stylist: Kirsten Visdal

Interiors by Collective Works
Up-side-down House, Collective Works
Up-side-down House, Collective Works

A thought occurred to me as I was pulling this together. Am I just coming up with different ways to say Pink Loves Brown forever? Possibly yes.

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  • Jennifer Laura
    September 3, 2021 at 9:02 am

    Absolutely love this color palette!!

  • Jen
    September 3, 2021 at 7:31 pm

    Such a fun way to incorporate blush. I can’t wear either color due to my skin tone but I love it for my neutral clients. I have a new makeup palette that oozes the two! Thanks for inspiring me to create a Fall look with it.

  • Danielle
    September 5, 2021 at 8:02 pm

    These posts are always a delight! That Collective Works project is gorgeous and the nail polish is giving me major early 90s flashbacks. I can still remember going into a MAC store for the first time, in search of a beautiful, deep brown lipstick that I had seen in a magazine. Compost is definitely the modern update!

  • vezi
    September 10, 2021 at 4:09 pm

    I really love caramels – what a delight