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Eleanor’s First Valentine’s Day Cards

A word of warning: you’re probably not going to pin these on Pinterest. They are a three-year-old girl’s first Valentine’s Day cards and they are simple, but she and her mother are over the moon about them.

Eleanor's Valentine's Day Cards

I suppose I could have staged an elaborate table full of supplies, given a step-by-step tutorial, and taken beautiful photos in the early afternoon when the daylight is best. Maybe I should have gathered polished river stones (“You rock, Valentine!”) or done something clever with paint chips. Instead, my girl and I got together over the little side table in the living room and I helped her write her name a dozen times on paper hearts. Midway through, I asked Brandon to grab my phone and take a few pictures. It was real life.

Happy Valentine’s Day, from your friend, Eleanor. (And from me, too.)

Happy Life Day

Happy Life Day

And other assorted winter holidays.

(You can thank Brandon for this one.)

Christmas Decorations (Part 2: Downstairs)

Yesterday, I showed you the upstairs, as it is decorated for Christmas. Today is all about the main floor.

PInk Christmas Tree

I did find a better place for my DIY Colorblock Christmas trees than the dining room hutch. I split them into two groups and put half on a side table, along with a snow globe, little brass tree, and tiny deer. I have a lot of deer in the house right now. I put the others on the coffee table. I added a poinsettia (poisonous! [oops, they’re not]) and my Eames bird (sharp little spike feet!) for the photo shoot, but those are both now safely out of reach. The kids play on the coffee table everyday, so I usually keep it completely cleared.

Colorblock Christmas Trees

Fa la la la la, pink Christmas tree.

Pink Christmas Tree!

So, the pink bulbs. They’re not my favorite. I love (LOVE) my pink Christmas tree, but I’ve always wished the bulbs were clear. Well over a third of them were burnt out, and we’ve tried many times to find replacements. Last year, I called Treetopia (the company I bought the tree from) to ask about replacements, and they said that they couldn’t help. This year, I tried again because we had the magazine shoot scheduled, and I didn’t want a bunch of dark spots on the tree (since I’m sure the pink tree is what they were most interested in). Apparently you can now buy replacement bulbs, and the “lightbulb specialist” I talked to said that they were available in clear with a pink base. Huzzah! Two weeks went by, and I received my bulbs. I ordered 250 clear bulbs, I received 50 pink ones. Better than nothing, but not what I was hoping for. Thus, the onslaught of hot pink lighting. Supposedly replacements will be on their way, probably sometime in January. I like pink as much as the next person (OK, way more), but I want those clear bulbs.

That was a fun tree-light diatribe. Onward, to the dining room!

Christmas Living and Dining Rooms

I picked up all of the mercury glass on sale from west elm, and the banner across the window is from Minted and Alt Summit. The rest of the table setting was done with what we already had on hand.

Christmas in the Dining Room

There are a couple of kid-friendly flameless candles in the corner, and a few twee vignettes in the hutch. Our stockings are hanging by the built-in, and that area has also been de-coned, as noted. There was just too much going on over there. Related: Oh look, more deer!

Dining Room Christmas Details

Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Tree on a Toy Car

This is what the table will look like when we host a family brunch on Christmas Eve. Except, you know, with food. I’m angling for Chilaquiles. That’s sort of festive, with some red and green, right?

Dining Room, Set for Christmas

I’m looking forward to seeing all of our decorations as photographed by a pro. I’m not sure if I’ll get a sneak peek, or if I have to wait until next year when the magazine comes out. I’m eager to see it though! When I was contacted for a possible shoot, I responded “you know our tree is pink, right?”

Seriously, those clear bulbs need to get here.

Dining Room, Looking into the Living Room at Christmas

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