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Mustard, Copper, Toffee

This is a mix of favorites (I own eight of the dozen below) and things at the top of my wish list. It just so happens everything I want to surround myself with these days is either pink (my forever favorite), or something in this mustard, copper, or toffee area.

Mustard, Copper, and Toffee

  1. Short-Sleeve Wrap Dress (Rich Gold), J. Crew
    Also comes in pink, navy, and black. I’ll be ordering once I can make up my mind on a color.
  2. Burnt Sienna Bandana, Madewell
    So cute, and only $12.50.
  3. Fan Statement Earrings (Sand Dune), J. Crew
    I have too many similar earrings, but am mighty tempted to add these too because hey, I don’t have them in this color yet.
  4. Camel Hair Percale Sheets, CB2
    I pair these sheets with bedding in white or various shades of pink.
  5. Tasseled Door Decoration (Rose), Anthropologie
    Also comes in a gold color and I have both because I just stick random tassels all over my house.
  6. Allegheny Sconce, Schoolhouse Electric
    Everything about this looks yummy and perfect.
  7. Ten Over Ten Nail Polish (Cliff), Target
    On my nails right now, and every time I catch a glimpse it makes me happy.
  8. Basketweave Throw (Copper), West Elm
    This color against my teal sofa is so good. Super soft and cozy!
  9. Avianna Mules (Mustard), Target
    I have these in the ‘mustard’ and ‘bone’ colors, and will wear them both to death.
  10. Rose Gold Razor, Oui Shave
    Anybody have one? I ended up buying a Harry’s razor last year (they’re marketed toward men, though now they’ve launched Flamingo to sell to women) because it looked OK, but this is especially lovely.
  11. Strong Flesh Lipstick (Prime), Ulta Beauty
    I tried it on a whim, looking for a peachy/brown/rose elusive “nude but better”, and it’s now my favorite lipstick.
  12. Textured Tunic Sweater, LOFT
    I reach for this sweater often and it’s held up to many machine washes beautifully.

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