Attic Guest Room The Victorian House

Starting a Quick Guest Room Refresh

I am in the middle of a bathroom renovation. (Finally, and there are more details to come!) On top of that, I have decided that now would also be a good time to give the guest room some attention. It’s used for sleepovers more than anything else, and it looked like this when empty.

Attic Guest Room

I’ve worked on it a little at a time over the years. Furniture initially went in as part of a brand shoot while the shell of the room stayed the same. I liked the overall look, but I knew I could do more to the space.

Making it Lovely's Guest Room

The walls went pink (after a brief but disastrous deep teal that I immediately repainted). The single nightstand was replaced by a thrifted pair that I painted black. Two brass mushroom lamps for more symmetry, and the room was looking pretty cute.

Bed Centered Under Attic Eaves

My sister and her husband were going to buy a dresser from IKEA for their nursery, but it was out of stock. They asked if I had any ideas for something similar, and I offered ours up from the guest room. It’s now in their house with a changing pad on top. Replacing the guest room’s dresser was the kick that started the rest of the changes I’m working on.

Wooden Dresser with Brass Pulls

I was offered my choice of something from Young House Love’s furniture line and there is a lot to love there, but for me that Noble Dresser is tops. To the guest room with thee! It’s wider than the previous chest, but it’s still a good size for the room and the traditional details are much more in line with my style. Those curves and fluted corner pieces! So good.

Young House Love Noble Dresser

Why, yes, you may have seen me posing in front of it when I realized that I often dress to match my house. #housetwinning I promise to take more photos with me not standing in front of it as soon as the room is pulled together.

Color-Block Matching My House | Making it Lovely

The dresser switcheroo sparked a few other changes too. The handles on the vintage nightstands always bugged me, and although cool, the mushroom lamps don’t give off enough light. And I’d been looking for a place to use my Padma kilim rug design for Dash & Albert, besides the small 3×5 I have in my closet. This is the room!

Padma Kilim Rug, Annie Selke, Dash & Albert, Making it Lovely

I still love the wall/ceiling color, and I’m not ripping out the carpet. The changes will be more in the furniture, accessories, and styling, and it’s a fun project to work on in between scraping wallpaper and tiling in the bathroom. I’m hot and tired, but between the two makeovers, I’m having the best time.

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  • SF_DC
    June 12, 2019 at 9:53 am

    Looks like a cozy place to visit! What is the carpet in the room? Did you install that or was it there originally?