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Maternity Style

A saleslady told me yesterday that I looked like I “stepped out of a J.Crew magazine.” I’m pretty sure that she a.) meant ‘catalog’ and b.) was trying to upsell me on some scented plastic* kids’ kitty shoes, but I’ll take it. The compliment and the shoes.

* Are plastic shoes a bad choice for daily wear? I usually only keep two pairs of shoes that fit each kid in rotation, and now those kitty shoes are one of them for E. Maybe I’m channeling my mother’s distaste for those jelly shoes I loved way back when, so serves me right I guess.

Anyway. I unpacked all of my maternity clothes a few weeks ago. I’m pretty sure normal people can wait until they’re a little further along, but with baby number three my body was all, “oh, pregnancy? I remember that!” And I puffed up so nicely that I looked about the same weeks 5-12, the bloating diminishing and subsiding just in time for the beginnings of a real baby bump. Since my clothes were getting too tight, I thought that maybe revisiting all of my old maternity options might be fun — like getting a whole new insta-wardrobe! There were a few pieces that I was happy to see again (long tanks, a couple of long-sleeve tees, a pair of stretchy skinny jeans, and a dress or two), but a lot of the clothes aren’t going to work this time around. Much of it is too big or for the wrong seasons, so I started pulling together a few things I might like to add to my wardrobe over on The Prowl. There’s an interesting crowdsource angle to it where you can ask or answer people’s style questions, or use it to create style boards like the one I made for maternity clothes.

Here are a few things I’ve had my eye on.

Maternity Style #TheProwl #makingitlovely

  1. Striped Raglan Sweater and Skinny Mini Khakis
    This look is really all about the scarf, isn’t it? Note to self: scarves are your friend when working with a limited wardrobe.

  2. The Bateau Top
    I love stripes on a round belly, and this top would get a lot of use by me.

  3. The Jumper
    I chose this with a “why not?” attitude, and was quickly reminded of how often pregnant women need to use the bathroom. That’s probably the reason not, but it’s still pretty adorable.

  4. Beach Mixed Stripe Maxi Dress
    I’m too busty for something with spaghetti straps, but I’m awfully fond of the neckline on this maxi dress. The colorblocked stripes are nice, too.

  5. Attesa Empire Kimono Dress
    It’s nice to have one gorgeous maternity dress for dates and special occasions.

  6. MAMA V-neck Blouse
    A pretty peachy color, sweet detail on the hem, and a flattering neckline and sleeve length. Perfect.

  7. The Pixie Maternity Ankle Pants
    These are the best pants! Cheap, cute, and comfortable, and in a trendy ankle length.

  8. 3/4-Sleeve Top
    I can’t get enough of simple, silky shirts these days, and this green is a great color.

  9. 3/4-Sleeve Shift Dress
    More casual than the other dress, this is a cute everyday option (especially over leggings and with a statement necklace).

  10. The Pixie Maternity Printed Skinny Ankle Pants
    The same as the black pants, but a slightly skinnier cut, and in a great pattern. I have both pants, but these are the ones I’m wearing more often.

  11. Bombshell Maternity T Shirt
    I love this cheeky shirt, but I think the medium wouldn’t fit for too much longer (larger sizes are sold out). Bummer.

I show early and my first two babies were both big, so I’m always a little jealous of the ladies who can get away with wearing their normal clothes, just a little lower or unbuttoned. I have a lot of what I need already, but I was glad to pick up those two pants, and I’ll probably grab a couple of those shirts above and maybe the shift dress too. What about you? Do you stretch (literally) what you’ve got for as long as you can, go out and buy a whole new maternity wardrobe, or somewhere in between?

Blue Shower Tiles

Patterned Rugs
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Piggybacking on Yesterday’s Post About the Nursery

Yep, still thinking about where to put the nursery. I had something else planned to post today, but I’ll push it to next week instead. I looked through the 400+ photos I took of the house when it was empty and found a couple more to share that might help you understand the layout a little better. Also? I created a layout. I’m helpful like that.

I’m still not keen on the idea of moving one of the kids upstairs. Maybe when they’re older they’ll want to head up there, but while everyone is still little, I like us all on the same floor. So it’s really a choice of our family room or the second kitchen.

The Family Room

The Family Room

The glass doors and that large opening aren’t original, but I like them. Because of the openness, both rooms feel spacious and flooded with light. Here’s the view from our bedroom.


I adore the crazy jumble of doors everywhere. It’s one of the quirks that sold me on this house, whereas the second and third kitchens here? Not so much. Those were more like — eh, we’ll find a way to change those spaces and make them work. And while it may be nice to have the nursery right next to our bedroom and still keep those glass doors while the baby is a baby, it’s not something that will work long-term. Plus we’d still have the second kitchen which isn’t serving much of a function.

Using this room would be easy though, and requires minimal to no construction (either remove the extra two doorways, or close the doors and ignore them).

The Second Kitchen

Second Floor Kitchen

I know a lot of you think I’m crazy for wanting to get rid of the cabinetry. I’m not set on it, but I’m not sold on keeping it either. Many suggested putting a cushion on top of the center portion and using it as a window seat, but it’s too high and I’d lean more toward using it as a dresser if it stayed.

Now, that sink? Super charming! Where it is? Super weird! I want that cabinet out of there.

Second Floor Kitchen Sink

Directly to the right is a linen closet, and beyond that is another bedroom (which was a sleeping porch, once upon a time). Here’s a layout of the space.

Second Kitchen Layout
* Update: There is an alternate floor plan in the comments, showing how the hallway could be reconfigured. *

Plenty of awkwardness. For scale, the kitchen wall with windows is 12.5 feet long. If we did this room in stages, we would remove the door between the kitchen and the family room and reuse it so that we could close the room off from the hallway. The sink would go, but all other built-ins would stay. Minor construction, but we’d have to go through the baby’s room to get to the back bedroom or to the stairs.

We still have a lot of thinking to do.

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