Honor Roll

Honor Roll

High Fashion Spoofs by Nathalie Croquet

  • The parodies of high fashion ads by French photographer Nathalie Croquet are spot-on. I actually dig the look more on “the average woman” for some, but others highlight the absurdity of the original images. [via]

  • Instructions for a super cute DIY balloon animal plushie!

  • So looking forward to Mindy Kaling’s new book. Have you seen this excerpt yet?
    “People’s reaction to me is sometimes “Uch, I just don’t like her. I hate how she thinks she is so great.” But it’s not that I think I’m so great. I just don’t hate myself. I do idiotic things all the time and I say crazy stuff I regret, but I don’t let everything traumatize me. And the scary thing I have noticed is that some people really feel uncomfortable around women who don’t hate themselves. “

  • The amount of thought that goes into costume design to create a believable character is always amazing, from the serious shows to the silly. Here’s a look at some of the decisions behind the outfits in Wet Hot American Summer.

  • Check out my entryway, switched up and reorganized for the start of the new school year! That new coat rack has been the most useful addition.

Entryway with Vintage Red Console, Jaxon Mirror, and Eldon Coat Rack

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