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How are you guys? I feel like I’ve been doing a whole lot behind the scenes, and not putting it out there as much. Part of that is because we’ve been traveling a little and I don’t like to announce “hey, nobody’s at our house for the next couple of weeks!” Even with an alarm system, it just seems like a bad idea, you know? But we’re back, and I’m fluttering around from project to project, buttoning some things up and getting started on others.

Things are changing a bit on the main floor, mostly refinements. I owe you an updated look at the double parlor with its new rugs, and the next layer to add will be curtains. I think the living room (that would be the back parlor) is my favorite room in the house. I love the library too, but something isn’t coming together and I haven’t put my finger on exactly what it is. I think it’s missing some tension in the color (red, rust, mustard, or ochre?), or it needs a shot of pattern.

I did some small updates in the kitchen, just rearranging where things like the knives and paper towels live. I have so many plans for that space, but it’s all very tentative. The bathroom is the same. The dining room got new chairs though (the perfect mix of antique meets now, masculine meets feminine), and I’ll have to set up a cute table to share the update with you! The snug, you’ve seen. I thought that antique daybed would be a whole lot better in the space than it was, so that may eventually be changed for a more comfy couch.

Also, maybe I should do a ‘hidden toy tour’ at some point? I’ve been seeing comments and hearing this on podcasts a lot lately — the idea that a room doesn’t get used if there’s not a TV in it. Yes, we added a television downstairs after years of only having one on the second floor, but that doesn’t mean we never hung out down there! The kids bring toys into the space and we have a whole thing of dress-up clothes on the fireplace hearth. We read, draw and color in the library. We make music, play games, have friends over, and just generally spend our time on the first floor. We also have tablets and phones and various electronic doodads that are portable. When we do have people over, there’s not usually a screen involved, so maybe that’s where the disconnect is?

The music thing… I was at the Paul McCartney show last night, so this morning I had to learn ‘Something’ on the ukulele. We keep the uke, a guitar, and a banjo on the wall, and usually when I’m playing something, the kids like to join in. There’s a basket of toy instruments that they grab from too and I cannot tell you how much I want them to form a family band with me. FAMILY BAND DAMMIT MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Guitar and Banjo Noodling

*ahem* Anyways.

Upstairs, I’m finally working on August’s room! He has been wanting red for his bedroom for a long time now, but at the same time, he has been fine with it being green. Now he’s a little more interested in changing it, so we’re moving forward. Shouldn’t take too terribly long to finish!

And on the third floor? The office. The furniture is in place and I repainted a while back. I’m just waiting on the new windows I ordered, and that’s going to take some time on the manufacturing end of things. It has been great having a dedicated workspace though, and the kids don’t miss the previous playroom setup. Even when it was filled with toys, everyone played downstairs or in their rooms.

So that’s things! I’m off to clear out some clutter and paint some trim. Gotta get a few of these projects moving!

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  • Celeste
    July 27, 2017 at 5:46 pm

    Can’t wait to see the double parlor updates, as well as the dining chairs! Sounds like you’ve got a lot of spaces coming together.

    • Making it Lovely
      July 28, 2017 at 10:45 am

      It’s looking so good! I’m excited about sharing it.