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DIY Roman Shades

If you are looking around your home for some projects to keep yourself busy, maybe some Roman shades are in order? Fully functional Roman shades! None of this faux business (which I have made in the past and will say are far easier).

Now here’s the thing: I’m not great at working with fabric. I don’t want to give you a sewing tutorial for something I’ve only successfully done a handful of times. I can, however, point you in the direction of where I found information!

I looked at the professionally-made ones I have from The Shade Store to get an idea of spacing. The little rings sewn into the back were spaced three across (left, middle, center), and 7″ apart vertically. I think you’re supposed to take the height of the window and divide it equally into sections to get your measurements, but I didn’t. 7″ apart looked good to me, and so that’s what I went with.

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DIY Roman Shades, Edie Stroheim Fabric from Fabricut | Making it Lovely | One Room Challenge

This Soft Fold Roman Shade YouTube tutorial was the most helpful and easy to understand. Do it that way! That’s the extent of my tutorial.

If you are reading this shortly after I post it, you know that I am of course writing this during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’ve found your way to this post much later and are simply looking for the information on how I made my shades, hooray! Go to the store and get the things you need! They don’t take much to make if you’ve already got some fabric to use. The rings and cord are specialty items I don’t think many of us have lying around though, so if you are sheltering in place but looking for a project, you could make the body of the shade and add rings later when stores are open again. (Two binder clips, one on each side, are a simple temporary way to keep them open in the meantime.) My only other recommendation would be to get an electric staple gun if you can. It isn’t essential, but they’re fairly affordable and make the project far easier to do.

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