Honor Roll

Honor Roll

I just got back from driving out to Northbrook to pick up a couple of chairs. I got there about 20 minutes early (didn’t want to be late with traffic, so I played it safe) and had a little time to kill. Drove around looking for a place to grab coffee and found a consignment shop instead. Guess who came back home with four chairs today instead of just two!

New Vintage Chair Finds!

The pair with rush seating is the pair I went out there to get, but the others were too good to pass up. Either set could be a candidate for painting. But on to this week’s Honor Roll!

Honor Roll

Chicago Greystones

Please vote!

A reminder to please vote for my rug designs for Annie Selke so that hopefully one (or more) will go on to production!

  1. VOTE — like this on Instagram: Snug as a Bug in a Rug
  2. VOTE — like this on Instagram: Going Buggy Rug (my favorite)
  3. VOTE — like this on Instagram: A Quilty Rug (in the lead)

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